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    3rd DJ entry

    by MrPsycho on 05-30-2011 at 01:25 AM
    I think my dream recall is improving...I remember having 3 dreams last night, even though there's only one of them I can remember clearly.
    I was at school AGAIN (it was my school, but totally different) when one of my friends invites me to go out, and i go with him...[don't remember anything here]...and the i see an old man (not bearded) with some marks below his left eye (I think it was 3 tears forming a circle) and then i say to my friend: "Lets just stay here, outside is dangerous". He says: "that's bullshit, check out how safe it is" and he start going away, when the old man comes for me and tries to grab me...He had an insane looking face,like those people that keep staring at you and look like they're smiling...but then a guard from my school stops him, and the last scene of this dream is the old man staring "vigoroulsy" at me with his insane eyes...Then I wake up, really scared and can't stop thinking about that face...Even now it still scares me.

    2nd dj entry

    by MrPsycho on 05-17-2011 at 12:05 AM
    It was a very quick nightmare, it didn't least more that 10 secs (i guess). I wake up in my room, look to my router and there's a big (a little bigger that average) black spider with it's eggs around it. I suddenly wake up (idk if it was in real life) rubbing my body with my hands, thinking that the spider was on me...

    that's the second nightmare i have with spiders...I remember having only 3 nightmares in my whole life

    1st DJ entry

    by MrPsycho on 05-11-2011 at 01:21 AM
    I had a dream today...I was in my old school playing (or not, idk) football with my friends, and then suddenly i see a girl, a friend of mine, that i haven't seen for something like a year, she comes running for me and hugs me for like 30 seconds...and when i look to her she's crying of happiness (lol). We sit in a bench and start looking at the setting of the sun, when suddenly a piece of the sky "opens" (just like those biblical images of god coming to earth...but in this case it was without him) and i say "look!thats beautiful"...i don't remember if she answered or not...and then i see a mini tornado forming...and i don't remember anything else...