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    My 4th Lucid Dream!

    by Nazi on 10-06-2012 at 09:33 PM
    I finally had my 4th lucid dream! It was probably the best yet. Here it is: I was in some super market kind of place. It was jammed full of food, and there was also a restaurant with barbecue wings, I think. One of my brothers was there and I was talking to him about stuff (I can’t remember what.) I then did a reality check, though I was not expecting it to work, but it did. I gazed around the market, and observed the details. It was much more vivid than any of my other LDs—I was so happy! I explained to my brother that this was all a dream.
    He shook his head and said “You’re crazy.”
    I decided that I was wasting my time, so I looked around and saw a bucket of chicken wings. I walked towards it and picked a small one out to try. It tasted great, but just than everything was gone and it seemed I was transported into a different area.
    It was all sunny outside and everything looked wonderful. There was a small bridge with a roof going over it, and there was a road and lots of grass. I was delighted and went across the bridge. I then espied a snake in the distance. As I came closer to it I noticed its bottom half was missing, and it didn’t seem to be alive, so I continued on. I didn’t realize earlier, but my brother was still with me. We continued walking. I took the time to gaze around and identify my surroundings. Up ahead was a building. As I sprinted towards it I noticed that there were a lot of people there. I went up to a short older woman with frizzy hair. “Do you know what’s going on here, Ma’am?” I asked.
    She turned to me and said. “There’s a contest being held here, join if you’d like.”
    “What kind of contest?” I asked, but then everything was gone and I was again in a different area.
    This new place looked to be some kind of hotel. There was a mirror on the yellow wall, and a baby in some sort of cage. I tried to get the infant out of the cage but it disappeared when I attempted to do so. I did a quick reality check, just because, and I then looked into the mirror. It was me, down to the last detail. I was so happy and I thought to myself: everything is realistic, this is great!
    But, sadly, just then I felt myself waking up, for some stupid reason I didn’t think of trying to stabilize, silly me.
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    Green snake

    by Nazi on 09-28-2012 at 07:13 PM
    I had this dream last night and I decided to write it down. Here it is: I was sitting with about 7 snakes in an unfamiliar living room. I guess they were my pets or something, because I was feeding them. My favorite snake was a large bright-green one that I let crawl around on my shoulders and arms. I put it down on the ground and it slithered towards another brownish snake that was digesting something. I stood up, got some water and returned to them. I was looking around for the green snake, but only saw the others. Suddenly I turned around and saw the snake that I was looking for slithering right at me. I thought that it was going to hurt me so I grabbed it right on it's tail, picked it up, and threw it at the wall. I felt bad, (as I should) and went to see if it was alright. I sat down next to it and checked to see if it was alive, which it was.
    It then hurled itself into the air and landed on my back. I felt a sharp pain where it landed because it bit me.
    I think I blacked-out in the dream because I then found myself sitting with my mother who had "magically" healed my snake wound.
    I told her "thanks," and walked towards an exit out of the house, I passed the snakes but the green one was gone (guess that mom took care of it ). I came to a clear door which I could see through. I noticed a big brown bear in the distance outside and instantly told my mother. She went outside and began to pet the bear who seemed to enjoy the attention. I then woke up at around 6:00AM with a headache.


    by Nazi on 09-26-2012 at 04:16 AM
    This is my very first lucid dream that I can remember. Here is how it goes:
    I was walking around outside in complete daylight, everything seemed nice and I kept looking at my feet while walking towards a tree that was right outside of my dogs fence, (it's not really there in reality.)
    I stopped half way to the tree when I spotted a HUGE anaconda,
    this instantly made me lucid. Snakes are a big sign that I'm dreaming, because they are frequently in them. Whenever I see or think about snakes I do a reality check, this way whenever I have a dream with snakes in it I will (hopefully) pinch my nose.
    Anyways, I started looking around and then I suddenly fell down, and the dream scape then changed. I woke up on a couch in a hotel, I pinched my nose and I felt how I was still breathing and then I knew once again that I was dreaming. (Hehe, I made a rhyme... Well, I think I did)
    I looked around and saw my parents sitting on another couch, they were talking. I focused on trying to make the whole dream clearer, so I shouted things such as "clarity now!" and "vividness now!", but it did not work very well, so I went up to my mother, who was eating something, and I said "show me unconditional love!" (it was all I could think of.)
    She took me in her arms and said: "Darling stop talking nonsense."
    I laughed, because I was in shock at how the hug felt exactly how it would feel in reality, yet the dream was still not very vivid.
    I then did a foolish thing. Since this was a DILD I guess I was still not in my right mind...
    I looked at my mother, and father, and told them that I wanted to wake up now, so that I could tell my friends/family.
    My mom grabbed my shoulder gently, and said "whatever you want sweetheart."
    I thought that she was going to wake me up, but I was wrong, I had to to it myself, so I closed my eyes tightly and opened them really fast,
    and I awakened on my bed. I was in misery, I mean, I just let a perfectly fine lucid dream go to waste... Shame on me.
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