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    1. You Too nerve! You're very intersting and seem to know your stuff!
    2. the music is...SO FREAKY. yeah I think I found that ep "troubling." I'm surprised at some of the stuff early nickelodeon aired. there is actually a part in that scene that got cut where he says other stuff, like "I'm gonna tear your eyes out of the sockets" and there's this awful cringe-worthy sound. anyway. I like you. you're...nice.
    3. "First... I'm gonna tear your lips out... yeah. Thats what I'm gonna do.." I remember that episode. It freaked me out when I was a kid. O.o Still love the show though
    4. fuck yeah, Ren & Stimpy. best episode, best MOMENT imo. check it: (youtube) watch?v=1TnuA5WFReo 8D
    5. I love your avatar and sig.
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