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    Dream #13: Bridge

    by Onidrago on 12-15-2013 at 04:25 AM
    I was at come cutting up some weird fruit to eat but my aunt was not feeling well and asked me to go get some food for her to eat somewhere... wasn't sure where. I cut up some of the fruit for me, my guinea pigs and my cousins and set out. I came out in a scenario in a dream I remembered before which had a bridge overlapping a railway but this time, some degenerates came and tired using the railway as a passage. My grandmother called the police and we saw a jeep bolting off the overhead bridge and onto the railway, stopping only when they rammed the degenerate drivers. The guy in the jeep jumped out and came to talk to grandma and I. Eventually, it was just grandma and him and I went to walk down the area a little when I saw a bus came hurtling through the air at top speed, landing at some point over the railroad and onto another old bus near a shack and caught fire immediately. The people inside began to panic and run for the doors but I noticed one person in front not caring to escape. Soon the fire reached the gas chamber and the bus burst into white flames waking me.

    Dream #2: Magma Caverns

    by Onidrago on 11-25-2013 at 11:46 PM
    A man and a woman who were apprently recognized as my parents were engaged in some kind of gun fight inside a magma cavern. After a few moments, the opposing side had died and the man and woman had reached some kind of chamber which had doors with a dinosaur insignia to distinguish them. The woman entered one of the doors and the man went on to a coridoor with two other doors. The first door was further in than the second door I noticed which had a stegosaurus insignia. The man did not open this door however, he tripped when an explosion occured causing him to fall to the floor near a magma flow in which I picked him up in an atempt to save him but woke up soon after

    Dream #1: The Lecture

    by Onidrago on 11-21-2013 at 02:17 AM
    I was inside a classroom listening to my lecturer go on about projectors. After a while, there was a thump on the door, possibly caused by someone placing something on the door which irritated my lecturer a bit causing her to go out there and yell at them. She came back to lecturering in which I then went outside to check out the scene. It was a school of mind from my childhood, you could see some people running up and down the area but after a while, my lecturer came out after me and we had a conversation about shoes near the door.