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    1. Welcome to my page, enjoy my DJ's and message me with any questions you have about me in general, im new to lucid dreaming so im still learning my way around things
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    I am new to the lucid dreaming, though i have had several before learning about this, i enjoy good art, video gaming, writing stories and just browsing the internet. looking forward to my time on this site, and enjoying the ability to lucid dream :)
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    Have yet to try out other techniques beyond normal DILD and WILD,
    i will try them when i can


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    Kitsunes and the Wild West

    by PokemonFan on 06-04-2011 at 02:34 AM
    Wild west 2 layer lucid dream

    the dream begins

    i find myself in a field, surrounded by flowers. i begin to wander around trying to find out where i am when i encounter
    a kitsune, the kitsune walks up and asks "do you want to be like me" i nod, and it begins to walk up to me when the dream ends and i awaken. when i awaken i look around to find myself in a room made entirely of brown wood and its extremely hot, i sit up and look out the window to find myself in a wild west town. i open the door to a large saloon, and walk down the stairs, i sit down next to a young woman about my age, and she turns to me and ask's "so, you ready for the shootout" i ask "what shootout" and she responds the shootout between us and those outlaws that came to town, i heard they were kitsunes so you'll want to be careful" i said "i had a dream about kitsunes" she turns to me and asks "really, what happened" i respond "i don't really know, to be honest, there was one kitsune, and it asked if i wanted to be like it. at this point i notice that i feel strange and the knowledge that i am human, no longer exists, i became a kitsune, but decide not to tell her. she looks at me obviously disturbed and says "don't let it distract you, you and me are the best shooters, and we cant afford to be distracted, last time that happened, i fell off that building when someone got a lucky shot at me" she points to a large building outside, the place looks familiar, but before i can identify it, the dream ends and i wake in my bed.

    Bird of Paradise and Mystery Army

    by PokemonFan on 06-04-2011 at 02:20 AM
    Dream Journal

    April 28th 2011

    dream induced

    i'm flying high above a city, as lucidity occurs, i find that i'm a beautifully colored bird. as im flying, i suddenly notice that there are others like me flying around, out of nowhere a jet plane appears
    and begins to attack the city, i swoop down and latch on to one of the planes locked missiles, and slash it with one of my talons, causing it to explode destroying the jet, as i'm flying away i notice that a large force of these unknown aggressors have appeared. there's things from tanks to even giant robots walking around as i'm flying, a robot stumbles out from behind a building, another bird, apparently a friend of mine, is using an old missile launcher to fight it off, as they go by. i yell "way to go" and fly off in the opposite direction as i'm flying there, my dream ends and i wake on my couch from my nap.

    A Black Hole on my Wall?

    by PokemonFan on 05-28-2011 at 04:34 PM
    im sitting in my living room watching TV, there is no one else around me, i look to my right to see what appears to be a black hole on the wall next to me, i raise my hand up and put it near the spot and saw my fingers get pulled in and warped, it begins to gain strength and my hand is pulled in, no matter how hard i try i cant pull them out, eventually my entire arm is inside it, i look around but no one is there to help me. after a few minutes of trying, i finally manage to get my arm out, i then walk upstairs and, oddly, begin to write a dream journal of this exact dream when i wake up in my bed.

    weird alien abduction and escape

    by PokemonFan on 05-26-2011 at 03:36 AM
    so im sitting in the middle of my living room watching TV when a bright light shines through the window and i white out, when my vision returns, im in the middle of a field with a highway nearby, i recognize this place from a previous dream, theres a mountain path overlooking this field nearby but i dont look for it. an alien appears in front of me and says "it is time for you to leave this planet and rejoin us", i dont understand what he means and am a little freaked out, i decline his offer and take off running, i get to the freeway and someone stops to let me in, i recognize her as a young woman who has appeared in previous dreams, she drives me down the freeway when we are forced to leave the car behind after encoountering an unconstructed area of the freeway, with skills resembling stuff from assassins creed, i begin to make my way through the area, jumping from bar to bar to get through, when i make it out the other side, i see that she is waiting for me on the other side with a young dragon sitting next to her (this dragon has recently begun appearing in my dreams, though i blame my obsession with them) we climb into a new car and keep driving, next thing i know we are at my house, i run up the driveway to go inside when i see everyone walking out with their most personal items, i walk up to my aunt and ask "whats going on" and she says "we have to leave soon" the dream abruptly ends when my house begins to shake from planes flying low to the ground

    Bizzare Dream

    by PokemonFan on 05-21-2011 at 12:21 AM
    (i would have gotten this up earlier except that my computer has been giving me crap since i fell for a false pop-up that turned out to be a virus, and i had school)

    I awaken in my bed, i am unaware that im dreaming because i had been struggling to get back to sleep after really waking up at 2:45. i leave my bedroom and go downstairs to get a glass of water, then sit down to watch TV, i turn it on and a bizarre scene plays out, i see two guys standing side by side, in front of a mirror that seems to be acting like water. the guys are talking about whats on the other side, then suddenly one of them gets pulled through and trapped on the other side, the other guy runs to get help, then i awaken in my bed, completely confused
    false awakening