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    A dream within a dream within a dream

    by rajagopal313 on 07-13-2012 at 08:19 PM
    I am going in a train on a hill station. My college friend- Pooja and Nivedha are there as well. The train driver, who is also like a professor talks about agriculture on the mountains. And pooja asks the different types of agriculture. I list them down from horticulture to apiculture. In the dream she and I are always competing and I beat her in this. She gets impressed. We hug. I feel her hands around me, her head on my chest. And I hug her, I can feel her body gently touching mine.

    I wake up and then I realise I am actually in another train and I am laughing like anything. And seeing this, others laugh as well. *can't remember*

    I then wake up again to realise that I am in a train full of stinking hindi locals. I am all disgusted and I sit in a corner. I can see them sitting in the train without shirt and the blue seat of the Indian railways.

    I wake up again to find that I am finally in reality!!!
    non-lucid , memorable

    Stoning with Arjun David

    by rajagopal313 on 07-09-2012 at 07:31 AM
    I am rolling a joint and go upstairs to smoke up. When I reach there I find out that I had already rolled a Joint. So I take the two joints thinking i'll go somewhere and smoke up and find my College mate Jisham in front of me. He says we'll smoke it up, I give him one joint and we go to two different places and smoke up. I go to marine drive and I was going to light my J when I see Justin (a college friend but in the dream was a friend of Arjun David), Arjun David. They were also there to smoke joints. So I keep my joint inside and smoke up with them. But every time a joint is lit, they give it to me last. On the second joint, when they passed me the joint when it was almost over, I get pissed off and I tell them I don't want it and I throw it.

    They also get pissed off but at that moment cops come from somewhere and we retreated into an empty bus. In the dream as the police came, the bus slowly backed into the darkness and hid. As they were looking elsewhere we get past them.

    I roll a Joint of my own in the bus and though I am with them, I smoke up my joint alone. As the bus is passing through menaka, I see Anjali in the GCD complex. She is looking at me all pissed off. And then I change the seat and I am sitting between Krishna and Liya. Liya seems to be turned off or pissed about something. We reach kalamassery and we get down.

    I have a fight with Justin and David. And I tell David, why the F**k can't you ever keep in touch? I beat him down, but he comes and he says sorry to me when I was thinking of apologizing to him myself.

    We become bros again!

    A stoner's family reunion

    by rajagopal313 on 07-01-2012 at 06:38 AM
    My family has decided to meet up and the reunion is coming up. On the day of the reunion, everybody is home- except my home is a house my friends stayed during college days (scib pub).
    All my relatives arrive and the adults come together and decide to buy the booze first and then I interrupt saying, we better have enough 'weed' as well before we commence with the reunion.
    All the aunties and uncles leave to buy the booze.
    I ask my cousin who in the dream is one of my college friends whether we have pot and he nods and says 'theres some already crushed and mixed in the bedroom. Just roll it.

    When I rolled it and was about to light it, the adults arrive. I lit it anyways and we were taking photos together with the Joint in my hand.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    cobie smulders- my sex slave

    by rajagopal313 on 07-01-2012 at 06:32 AM
    I am in a room with a huge bed with cream silk sheets. beautifully made. Cobie Smulders is lying on the bed. In the dream she is doing different positions with me, whatever I ask her to do- as if my satisfaction is the only thing for which she is living for.

    *The dream abruptly ends*
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Ordering cobras online

    by rajagopal313 on 06-30-2012 at 06:26 AM
    In the dream, I ordered 2 snakes online, my mind tells me they are cobras. They come in small packages with a plastic film on top (how barbie dolls are packed). I can see the snakes behind the plastic. I take it upstairs to my room. I tear open the paper behind the thick plastic film and the snake jumps out and it escapes.
    For fear that it will bite someone, I went after it. It goes under a bookshelf. I see it in a corner under the book shelf. I stick my hand in and try to take it but while taking it, I accidentally kill it. I go to the room and then 'open' the second snake and *abruptly wakes up*
    non-lucid , nightmare