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    Scary dream, and then a bizarre one.

    by RDreams on 08-11-2011 at 09:39 AM
    Dream One

    So last night I have two very vivid dreams. The first that I remember was somewhat scary, though I didn't feel the intense pangs of fear normally associated with a nightmare (I don't know how) I did think the setting and everything was creepy.

    The first thing I remember is a girl next to me laying down. She wispered something into my ear (I can't remember what, but something about death) and then bit my neck. I quickly got her off me and then pushed her back and she disappeared into the darkness. As I walked down the hall of this dark room I see a roommate of hers standing there staring at me (in a creepy manner of course). She looks haunt and scary, and I attack her before she attacked me and killed her. I than saw the first girl and after a small scuffle I kill her as well. When I'm done I saw a small box, like a christmas present and open it, and all the sudden a hand with a knife comes out and stabs me.

    Right afterwards I'm right back in the same dream, only this time it is happening to someone else and I'm watching (I try to tell them what to do to get out safely but they can't hear me). The same battles ensue and once again the knife in the box happens. This time I run out of the house and see in the yard two guys staggering around extremely intoxicated on something. I keep running and think to myself that maybe they were drugging people than killing them. I don't know why I had that dream, it was bizarre.

    Dream Two

    The second dream was cool in a lot of ways. The first thing I remember is being sometime in the future where you could actually enter a video game, like virtual reality. It was a shooter simulation very much like call of duty, I kept bringing up the score and watching the highest scoring players (I think the highest had 1000+ kills) when I decided I wanted to join in. I enter the virtual world and the fighting stops, so I begin to walk around. The graphics were amazingly real, with all the subtle things you would see in every day life. One of the most interesting parts was that there were computer generated characters that you could talk to. I began talking with a shop keeper, he was fat with a large mustache and very nice. I remember vividly asking the question after we began talking for awhile if he had a soul, because even though I knew he was only a string of code but I felt that he had to of had some sort of spirit in him. I remember telling him I would look forward seeing him in heaven for some reason.

    After awhile I just began to explore the new game map, it was a desert town and I don't remember much after the shop keeper episode. It was a bizarre dream, but fun none the less.

    Just a few short details of a dream

    by RDreams on 06-03-2011 at 07:29 AM
    So I can only remember a few short parts of the last dream I had. I remember I was with my friend David in an unfamiliar place. It was someones house out in the country or something like that. I remember dense foliage almost like a jungle but not quite.

    What I remember best about the dream was that there was an elaborate and very large jungle gym in the yard. It was like a jungle gym for adults, and you had to do some pretty crazy physical feats to navigate it, almost like an obstacle course. I remember being on it and navigating the whole thing with slight ease (though I don't remember what I did), until I got to this one specific part. You had to jump a very far distance, land a foot on the side of a board, and use that split second your foots on the board to do another smaller jump to get on the platform. I remember trying it and I couldn't make it, and so I fell into what I think was water (this will change later on).

    Once I got out I remember seeing my friend David try it and he couldn't get past the part I tried. I just gave up and decided to walk further along a path that was in front of me. Eventually I reached a group of people, and I felt like I was a part of this group. I had lost track of David at this point, and actually thinking about it now I think I forgot about him, because I don't remember him in any other part of my dream. I do remember however seeing my coworker Isaac. Isaac is younger than I am and has red hair, he is a pretty cool guy to work with and we talk quite a bit whenever we work together. He was the only one in the group that I recognized, and we began talking (I don't remember what it was about).

    The group was standing in front of what looked like a bridge. The bridge was made of wood, was fairly large and had a U shape to it (like one you would see in a jungle). Underneath it was a river, and behind us to the right was the obstacle course. For some reason I thought this group I was in was on a field trip and we were waiting for the leader of the group to begin walking past the bridge, but the leader never showed up so we never crossed it. While I was waiting for the group leader I looked over at the Jungle Gym/Obstacle course, and saw two guys on it. I watched as both of them got to that single part that I had failed and they both failed it too.

    Seeing them gave me new interest in it so I tried it again, but like last time I failed at the jump part. This time however when I fell I fell into what was a mixture of dirt/mud. It wasn't the same thing I fell into the first time though, but I didn't realize it until after I had woken up. I remember getting this dirt/mud all over my back, and unto my white shirt and was pissed at that. I went into the house but only remember a slight bit of being inside it, and I think I saw my friend Daylen.

    That's all I remember from last night. Not a lot, but it's something atleast.

    Updated 06-03-2011 at 07:32 AM by RDreams


    I was a surgeon for the CDC, during a horrific disease outbreak.

    by RDreams on 05-29-2011 at 05:56 AM
    This was a short dream, and the description will be even shorter because I can't remember the details very well. What I do remember vividly was that I was a doctor/surgeon during some kind of outbreak of something (I can't remember what it was). I want to say it had something to do with zombies, but whatever it was I know it was a disease and they needed me to operate on the sick people. I know that it was vivid while having it, but I can't recall the smaller details. What I do remember is seeing lots of blood, which is unusual in my dreams.

    Another fragment of a dream I had later on that night involved something my sister said. I don't exactly remember what was said but I do remember she was telling us in a somewhat angry tone that she would rather join this cult group (It was a complete fabrication of my dream, but I know it started with a C) than become a republican. I remember going online and looking up the group, and saw a news story about them. I saw an artists sketch of a man who was part of this cult talking to an alien, and thinking my sister was batshit insane for even mentioning them. This dream, like the other I just described, was far more indepth and vivid when I had it. I can't remember the details but I know it was much longer than the first dream.

    Dream Fragments

    by RDreams on 05-28-2011 at 04:29 AM
    I will only go over some of the fragments of dreams I've had over the past couple of nights. Mostly because I didn't write them down when I should've and don't remember them as well.

    Dream 1: For some crazy reason I dreamt (<-- word?) me and a friend were tigers. I don't remember which friend it was but it wasn't one I see often. Anyways we transformed into these tigers and then got into a fight with two other people who turned into tigers and I remember we shredded up one of them pretty badly. So we got some herbs or some kind of leaf and bandaged it, using it as a local anesthetic.

    In the same dream but later on I remember there was a knife in a kitchen sink. I grabbed the end of the blade, not paying much attention and ended up getting a very deep cut on my pointer finger. It kept bleeding and I was surprised that none of my family rushed me to the hospital. Instead they said to just bandage it. When I say deep I mean, halfway cut it off deep.

    Dream 2: For some reason the only thing I remember about this dream was walking high school graduation. Only this time it was much smaller, only about 12 people. The reason behind that was because it was for people who finished the school year later than the others, it wasn't for dropouts, but for some reason we didn't graduate with the rest of the class. I remember seeing some of my classmates who were underclassmen in real life. At one point the announcer got tired of saying names so he started throwing the diplomas around. I was the only one who sat and waited patiently to get it. When he said my name I calmly walked up and grabbed it and remember seeing a few people watching the ceremony, but not much. It gets very fuzzy from there.

    Dream 3: This was the dream I had last night. I went and saw a really good friend of mine earlier that day, because she was leaving for a summer long trip. I was also staying the night over at a different friends house, so both of them carried over into my dream. I remember being in a class with about four people in mine (me and my second friend included) and there were lots of other classes with plenty of other students around us.

    I distinctly remember being on a ice rink with my "class", and through the crowd of others who were on there I saw my first friend. I waved "Hi" at her and went about talking with some other people. I remember seeing her one last time, and she was boarding a private jet to Colorado, about to leave for the summer. I remember saying "Hey, me and my friend are going to Colorado too, I'll race you there". We were taking a car, so I don't think we were going to win that race! Anyways that was the last time I saw her.

    So me and my other friend hop into the car and head off to Colorado. I remember coming across this museum that was also this ladies house. Somehow my "class" of four joined us and we all went inside. The lady who owned the place was some what attractive and I don't remember ever seeing someone like her in real life. I do remember my friend said something mean about her that she overheard and I got a little pissed at him for it. It gets really fuzzy, but what I remember from the museum was a small aquarium, some artistic furniture, the lady smoked cigarettes, and that one of my classmates was like 10 years old, and had blond spiky hair and glasses.

    No lucidity in any of them. May 27th 2011.

    DILDing it up tonight

    by RDreams on 05-26-2011 at 06:51 AM
    So last night I had quite an interesting dream, and even obtained semi-lucidity. While I remember only fragments of it (some parts are very fuzzy) I do remember some specifics.

    The most memorable part of my dream that I remember is being in an airplane with my dad. He is a pilot and flies single engine propeller airplanes. Me him and my step-mom were all in the air plane, and the most memorable part of my dream took place while inside it, it was also when I became (semi) lucid. As we were about to take off from the runway a large white semi truck came barreling through the middle of the runway, and it looked like it was about to hit us. We somehow missed it and took off. I remember talking to my Dad and Step mom about it while we were in the air.

    Moments later we landed for a refuel (or something like that, I'm not sure) but when we were about to take off ANOTHER white semi truck, identical to the first, came barreling through the runway and we barely dodged that as well. It was at this point that I realized that I was dreaming. I remember telling my Stepmom and Dad that we had to be in a dream, because those trucks were exactly identical and that there was no way for that to happen unless I was dreaming (I somehow managed to forget the fact that it ever happening in the first place was weird enough). They argued that fact (I don't remember what exactly was said) but I remember knowing that I was dreaming. It wasn't until we landed that I began to alter the dream.

    When we landed I remember being some place unfamiliar but with my family still. I remember debating with my Stepmom over something. I was still semi lucid and was altering the dream area. The reason I say that I was semi lucid was because while I was altering the dream I don't feel like I was fully altering it consciously. I think (think being a key word) I destroyed some things with my mind or something crazy like that, but I didn't feel like I was in control. It is hard to describe but I was half and half as far as my lucidity went. I do remember though not being able to do some things in the dream, but I believe thats because I was doubtful that I was able to do it, seeing as I was only semi lucid.

    I've only ever been fully lucid once, and that was my first time having anything resembling a lucid dream. Ever since then I've only had semi lucid dreams. However I hope to continue practicing DILD, WILD, and WBTB methods and eventually become fully lucid. I am having lucid experiences much more frequently now and my dream recall is far better than what it was. So progress is certainly being made!