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    An obscure 14-year old teenager who craves the limitless power of lucid dreaming.
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    Gaming, Reading, and now Dreaming
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    Day 8 - War to protect the Universe

    by ShadowCoder on 06-20-2013 at 10:27 AM
    Now, I don't remember all the details, so I'm going to just mention what I remember and see if it makes sense. :panic:

    So, the beginning is kinda blurred out, but I pretty much have the details of it. In the distant future, Earth would become the battleground for the War for the Universe, where the Megatron(Transformers) and Clockwerk(Sly Cooper)'s armies would try to take over the planet, in order to take over the universe. How will that happen? Well, I don't remember that part. :cheeky:

    So, a group of 7 youngsters, trained by a Panda, who is a retired Kung Fu Master, decide to take on the Mega-Clock-Tron(Megatron + Clockwerk) and his army. In some part, everything starts to get depressing where one girl, a part of the youngsters, die and her friend is mourning her loss. After that, I fas forward to the final battle. I don't how many people from the youngsters side live to fight, but hey, who cared at this point.

    The battle scene is that of some Turn-Based RPG, and it also looks similar to the Pokemon Battle Scene, but hey, I dunno why, given I don't even play Pokemon! Then the Panda Master comes, and says that they should use the Power of the Universe to defeat Mega-Clock-Tron. After that, they do it, and some sort of pattern begins to form around my area of view, it is coloured blue and green, kinda like a Photoshop graphic I once made.

    After the dream is over, and I think we won. Oh well.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Day 4 - Buddhism, Adventure in the Woods:

    by ShadowCoder on 06-16-2013 at 12:01 PM
    So, I've been trying to get improve recall for the past 4 days. I've haven't been lucid yet, and have learned about lucid dreams only a week ago.

    Usually, I can only remember impressions of my dreams(that's why it is Day 4 in the title). Like Somebody's name or an action, but yesterday, for some reason, my recall took an super boost and I was able to remember my dream quite vividly even 20 to 30 minutes after waking up. I guess quitting caffeine was worth it!

    Dream Fragment #1:

    I'm in some buddhist monastery with my family and for some reason, I'm a buddhist devotee, if there even is such a thing and I am trying to prove my devotion. The rest, I don't remember.

    Dream Fragment #2:

    There was this man, who was a cop, and there was this professor. They are really good friends. The professor knows the secret entrance to a secret blueberries garden which holds magically delicious blueberries. The cop wants to sell these berries to make money. The professor wants to help, but the cop refuses because he thinks that the professor will rat them out and reveal the entrance to others. Then the cop follows the professor to the secret blueberry garden and starts to pick the blueberries.

    When the cop looks behind, the professor is standing behind him with two detectives who are his accomplices. I'm one of the detectives. The cop gives in and we decide to sell all the blueberries to become rich and split the loot. We go on forward, to find a man lying there. The cop tries to revive him, and the man gets up and tells them that he ate some mushrooms which have made his chest burn and that he is very hungry.

    The cop applies water to his chest and gives him some blueberries. He likes them and gets better. We can't give him all the blueberries, so my friends go to look for more, while I take care of him. My friends come back with litchis, and go back to find more blueberries.The man is hungry and wants food. I give him a litchi, but he refuses and reaches out for the remaining blueberries. I tell him that is not for him, but he tells me to shut up and grabs my neck by his hands and tries to strangle me. Now I see that his hand has turned into the hand of a brown wolf. I'm choking now; I keep on struggling, and then I wake up.