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    The River of Cold Blue Slush

    by shadowwolf6tail on 06-18-2015 at 04:15 AM
    I open the back door to my house and walk outside into the cool summer air. The world is green, lush and fresh and patches of sun filters through the trees dancing spots on the grass. I pass for a moment to enjoy life. It isn't like I ever have any dreams as fresh as my own back yard. I think "I wish my dreams would be like this." Suddenly.. "Wait.... Is this a dream?" Now lucid I gaze at the river in my back yard which is clear blue. Something seems off about it. I blink (dishonored reference) over to the river and take note that the river is actually, blue shlushie. "What do I do now?" I think, but as I try to control my movements the dream seems to move away from me and becomes blurry and small. Then it ends.

    A White House on a River

    by shadowwolf6tail on 03-31-2015 at 04:45 AM
    I am standing in a park with tall trees, all bark at the bottom but a thick canopy of green above. The ground around me is scattered with small trees starved of light with splotches of green grass and packed wooden dirt. This area is by a road in a suburban area. Across the street is a house which is for sale. It resembles all the modern suburban houses and is painted white and faded yellow. There is a family which lives there and a female DC about 20 years old crosses the street and into the forest to talk to me.
    "Hello" she says. "It's a shame I didn't know you lived around here."
    I stare back at her and take in her appearance so I can remember it for my Journal (Waking journal that I have started) She has straight golden blonde hair which reaches her shoulders and bluish eyes that seem to pierce through me. -blur- Suddenly I am by a river. Apparently, the trees which had sheltered me before were simply a park sandwiched between road, river and houses. (This next bit is kind of hard to explain) I am an alien space craft. (The stereotypical one) which is hiding from the rest of the alien invasion that I had failed to notice earlier. Above me, asteroids fall like hail striking the ground from the bright orange sky. I am now somewhere else by a river. A smaller version of the white house is below me and I sense that other alien ships can sense my presence. An explosion rocks my hull and suddenly... -end-

    The Market and the Komodo Dragon

    by shadowwolf6tail on 10-30-2014 at 10:31 PM
    I`m in a large dimly lit cavernous marketplace which seems to be longer than it is wide. Stalls line the middle of the room and they are packed with trinkets and other items which seem quite useless. I examine some of the items stopping briefly to listen to a man selling a fancy salt pig. I then realize that everybody in the market is not welcome there as the rest of the building is quite dangerous and no place for ordinary people. Heading back to the entrance way of the mall I see a door that nobody seems to be coming in and out of. I examine it and eventually open it and see that there is a small room inside and another door placed in a glass wall revealing a komodo dragon in a glass room being studied by many people in the surrounding rooms. The dragon suddenly smashes into the wall breaking the glass and begins terrorizing the market place. I run outside and find myself under a bridge. I believe I briefly became lucid I believe that I can fly as i jump into the air and the dream seems to fade to a light grey color.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    The Leafless Forest

    by shadowwolf6tail on 10-27-2014 at 09:17 PM
    The sky is filled with dark storm clouds, my view of which is obscured by the dense, dark, leafless forest canopy. Under the trees I run along paths like tunnels guided by wooden branch walls. Running through the forest's maze of twists and turns, my parents are close behind, all of us running from an unknown pursuer. Bursting out of the trees I observe a small long clearing. As I traverse the clearing, it seems to stretch on forever. the trees on either side transform into the rock walls of a crevasse many meters high. The forest ground gains fluidity and I am forced to slow my running by clinging to the small rock ledges jutting from either wall. Suddenly I find myself with rope in hand, looking down at water covered stream bed where moments before stood solid grassy ground. Using the rope to scale the wall I find myself at the very ledge of the cliff holding on with both arms. Left then right, left then right I swing my legs gaining momentum until, able to catch my feet on the edge of the wall, I pull myself over the ledge to safety. I look up to see a hill upon which an archway stands framed by stone obelisks. My parents and I pass under the archway to behold a view of houses and sand dunes in the distance.

    Blurry Semi-lucid Dream in a Field, Resturant and Road

    by shadowwolf6tail on 09-19-2014 at 12:38 AM
    I realize that I'm in a field stretching out into every direction. The grass is weak and looks like its dying. Suddenly I realize that there is a large building in-front of me. It seems to be a power plant and has metal towers surrounding a square plot which is bordered by about a 3-inch tall concrete mini-wall. The inside of the plot has the same grass from the rest of the field and I feel uneasy about walking on it because it seems like there could be some sort of dangerous material hidden underneath it (bi-product of the power plant). I hear an elderly ladys voice calling me and telling me to cross the power plant plot. So I comply -blurry- My father is standing beside me. He asks me what I'm doing in this field when the gate is going to close. I tell him that I know. We rush across the power plant plot and I look back to the metal towers to see that in between some of the metal beams I can see a portal with stars on the other side. The sky is really blue. I look at the front of the power plant again and my dad turns me around to face a large brick building with double doors in the center of it. I realize that I need to run towards the door because it's a portal and it will close! I prepare to run but my dad stops me and points towards another smaller door on the left side of the building. He says "go to that one with the human imprints" I rush towards it and suddenly I'm flying above a grey road covered by a tunnel of trees. As I fly along I see my dad is flying beside me. He explains to me why there are black dots flying through the trees. (I forget what he said) Then I remember that by walking backwards you can change the scenery. So I do so and find myself beside another brick building. There is a restaurant there that my family owns. (We don't actually own a restaurant) I have many memories from this place. (false memory) Then I start making a tunnel of glass into the sky and the dream ends.