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    i.m the blind person, work from screen reader like jaws for windows.
    i can read, right, and do other thing in computer like any one.
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    programming/lucid dreaming/mind traning
    computer teacher
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    dreamed about smart watch.

    by shekhargupta on 01-27-2015 at 05:58 PM
    it was 10 am . i and my wife sleeping in the bed. but,
    i have to go school. and my time is 1030 am but it was now 1043 am,
    and I'm talking to my wife that I'm getting late.
    but i don't want to jump from the bed.
    I'm talking to my wife, someone also sleeping inside my wife. i think
    it was shanu.
    i see the smart watch, witch was gifted to my doubter angel.
    i was playing song on it, and very happy to listen that.
    i was wearing in my hand.

    dreamed about my old school

    by shekhargupta on 01-25-2015 at 07:28 PM
    dreamed about my old school
    I'm in school.
    i was walking from stage side, and was going inside of library and standing there.
    then i was going to chemistry lab. after reaching there, i ask.
    anyone else? there ware 2 person sitting there. but no one replied.
    then i move to grass in front of lab.
    there ware sum students, they playing cricket in the ground.
    i ask something. but i don't remember.
    then i move to water pump.
    which is located in left side to me.
    after that i woken up.
    after sleep again, i see my sbs school.
    in that school uttil and rupesh sir is there.
    they ware talking to each other, but i ask something that i don't remember.
    rupesh sir give me sum small animal. it is very small.
    and i was going to eating it. after eating i remember that a tiffin box in my hand, and the animal is there. it is not a good thing it is very bad and i said them you should tell me before eating. it was a animal.
    i count it and it color is yellow white like cow.
    i throw it in right side to me.

    dream about my old house.

    by shekhargupta on 01-24-2015 at 06:53 PM
    it is my old house. i.m going with my wife
    for shifting purpose
    going with my wife in to the old house.
    yes, it is my old house. i see the windows of the house.
    it is my bed room. it is totally empty, and I'm mapping it from my hand.
    the room is so small. i'm thinking it it was so small from my new house.
    i standing in front of windows and thinking about my passed life.
    i was listening the outside sound.
    then i move to middle room and touch the dirty drum witch is located in front of switch board.
    then i'm thinking that, it is so dirty. and wash my hand in basin.

    i saw in kitchen, my wife is making something.
    then i think just on the chimney. but it was not possible because i m in old house.
    after that i was awake.
    then i sleep again and saw the bank.
    i see the bank
    i came here for loan purpose.
    i saw the banker and sum one talking to me.
    i think it is a boy and he is banker.
    then i didn't remember but he was bring to me at a lady banker i think she is neha madam.
    then they have refuse to give a loan. i says that i have already taken the loan and i return it in 4 months.
    then the lady ask the loan amount i think 20 lakh but i says 1 lakh.
    i remember that my loan is approved. then i came out from the bank with my wife.
    yes i think it is icici bank but i saw SBI bank on it.
    there is way of my old house in front of this bank.
    i was going with my wife.
    i entered in that road. after going to left, i saw a dead dog . the dog is rite side to me.
    and my wife is consciously bring me to left side
    then i reached the old house.
    in the gate, there is many person. but i and my wife had not talked to anyone else.
    i climbing in steps and steps. and came in to the house..

    Updated 01-27-2015 at 06:19 PM by shekhargupta


    dream about new house

    by shekhargupta on 04-23-2013 at 06:39 PM
    hello all.
    i just dream about a new house.
    in which i .m shifting in 2 month in real life.
    i saw, I'm sitting in a bed and talking to my family in new house.
    i think is 5/6 o clock morning.
    then i came down from the step with my fellow. of flat, and saw a one of the new man.
    i think he is the owner of the labor of house.
    then i talk to him something but i don't remember.
    i came out from new house , and saw a road. it is a highway.
    then i saw my old house.
    it is @ 10 am and i have to go school, but enable to go.
    i don't know the region
    then i saw my wife standing on kitchen she is doing something..
    the time is 12:24 PM
    then i woke up