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      Hi there I saw your post on dreambuddies thread. I just posted one thread myself and am interested if you are still looling for a dream buddy?
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    Jan 14 2017 - First lucid in a long time!

    by Silentium on 01-14-2017 at 02:16 PM
    I went to sleep at 03:00 had set a WBTB alarm at 09:00. When I woke up from my alarm I could remember 2 ND's . They involved grasshoppers and school. They were pretty boring so I'm not gonna write them down. I did write them down in my paper journal though. After doing so I went back to sleep at 09:30

    I woke up (false awakening) in my house downstairs, except it didn't look like my house at all. It was very empty and it was shaped differently. I walked upstairs and I think at this point I was gradually becoming lucid. Unfortunately I don't know what it was exactly that made me become lucid, but once I entered my bedroom upstairs I was totally sure I was dreaming.

    I looked outside the window and what I saw looked pretty much like my normal street except everything was further apart from eachother. My sight, however, was blocked by one of those big kind of diving goggles. I tried to take the goggles off, but whenever I did so it seemed as if a new pair of goggles was on my face that very instant. It was really annoying but then just by thinking about them being away they were gone and my sight turned very clear.
    I went outside (I know I should have stabilized earlier) and at the end of the street I saw a giant lake in front of what looked like a jungle. I looked up and the sky was a perfect crystally blue color. It all looked amazingly detailed and beautiful and I took a few moments to take it all in. This was the first time I've had a dream where the visuals looked just as good and clear as in waking life. By standing still like that I felt that the dream had stabilized a bit more.

    I remembered to do my personal goal, going snowboarding. I closed my eyes and fell backwards. Instead of hitting the street I was free-falling towards the top of a snow-covered mountain. At this moment I became very excited that this had actually worked. Strangely enough I didn't feel any fear of hitting the ground. I think I fell about 50 metres before I did. The fall was very hard but not painful, if that makes any sense. I immediately started snowboarding down the mountain, but the path I took was very steep, narrow and full of rocky bits, so the boarding felt very rough. As I was boarding I think I lost my lucidity somewhere along the way. That didn't matter though because the dream started to fade and once everything was black I realized the dream was ending and I started to feel my real body. This made me feel fully lucid again. That only lasted a couple of seconds though, and without me having to do anything another dream started. I think this was my first ever actual DEILD!

    I was standing out in my own street again. This time everything was very dark and I didn't like that. I looked at the floor and the brick tiles I was standing on didn't seem right. They were the kind of tiles you would see on a sidewalk but I was standing on the street. Somehow they made me feel uneasy. I wanted them to become a different kind of bricks, the kind brick houses are usually made out of. I could do so simply by imagining it. I was startled though, because when I looked up everything looked like it was made out of those bricks. That includes plants and trees etc. It was also still very dark out so I made it light out again. It turned dark again shortly after I did so and I realized someone else was making it dark. After this realization I lost my lucidity. Shortly after that the dream ended because my alarm rang. (at 11:00).

    I had one more false awakening after this because I fell asleep again after waking up from my alarm x) I can't remember anything else from that dream at all though. After waking up it occured to me that there hadn't been any DC's in my lucid dream at all, pretty weird.

    Updated 01-14-2017 at 02:45 PM by Silentium (Spelling and grammar)