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    by SpaceS on 04-12-2013 at 12:44 PM
    Date: 12/4
    Duration: 3-4 mins
    Method: DILD (remember waking in the morning and intending to do SSILD but falling asleep)
    I was having some ordinary dreams and actually two girls wanted to ask me out on a date the same night (!), that led to the feeling that something was wrong
    I just got the feeling I was dreaming and there was no "visual" dream, only this feeling. I felt a bit frustrated because I thought I was going to wake up any moment so I started to visualize something but it didn't really work out. I then decided to open my eyes, and I was in my room in my mothers house (where I was sleeping because of weekend visit). I did a RC, blocking my nose and after a few sec I knew I was in a dream.

    I thought I should try to do the tasks from the first week because my LD-count has been almost 0 this last weeks. First I decided to throw myself out the window from the second floor of the house. I got a little exited but reminded myself to stay calm and not solidify the window.
    I passed through the window with no feeling of there being one there at all and I flew a short circle in the garden and to get to to the ground I thought about paragliding and leaning to my side to ascend easily. I find it hard to control my flying in dreams and normally I just "float around" with little control. Anyways...

    Once on the ground I decided to do another task and tried to fall backwards. I had no doubt I was dreaming and it wasn't scary at all. I just fell through the ground like one would fall into whipped cream. It was totally wonderful. I was kind of making a tunnel in the ground and it was so soft and cozy!

    Back on the ground I looked around and it was night/dusk and everything had this dreamy glow and extreme contrasts. It was truly beautiful and a man appeared next to me and we were talking about something. And I thought I would try to find a dream guide or "power animal" like the shamans have

    Calling out loudly "I would like to find my power animal" several times, there was a blue, upside-down saucer flying next to my head and I shooed it away. Next thing I know, my dog Loke comes running up the drive way and we greet each other with much joy. I realize this is a common scene from calling him many times in "this" garden and he is most likely not a "power animal" or anything (maybe to some extent), but since my dog moved away from me last summer and I have't seen him since, he appears in my dreams a lot (good dream sign?)

    I wake up.


    I did 3 RC during the dream, rubbed my hands and affirmed I would have a long and stable dream. I think the reason I got lucid was from drinking a couple glasses of wine last night and the rebound effect got me more or less spontaneously lucid.

    I noticed that when I am dreaming, sometimes, I have no visuals but its just blackness and I am sort of "in my head". This situation often lead to a LD but I can imagine I miss a lot of these occasions because of lack of awareness. My main goal now is to try to get to bed earlier, drink more wine and also get more LDs!

    Puh, long one this time, but its my comeback from mental fog last few weeks.

    Long WBTB = insomnia

    by SpaceS on 03-19-2013 at 08:06 PM
    Date: 19/3
    Duration: 3 minutes
    Method: WBTB (3 hours, couldn't get back to sleep) and SSILD
    I woke up at 4:30, went to toilet and did SSILD. Couldn't fall asleep for a few hours but was comfortable.
    After having a few regular dreams I wake up again in my room. I have the feeling it was a FA so I did nose-block and confirmed I was dreaming. When I felt confident I got out of bed, and was kind of unstable on my feet. I tried to open my eyes and they were very heavy but with some effort I get them open...

    I am in my room, beside my bed. I again rub my hands together and look at them, and with some effort I am able to say
    "this is a stable dream", "I will have a long and stable lucid dream".
    Starting to move I look around my room and I notice the walls are all covered with letters which form unreadable words (yea I have a test in school on friday)
    I start rubbing my hands together and use verbal commands again. I get out of my room into the hall and go into my room mates room. It is empty.
    I turn around and go into my other room mates room and it is also empty.

    Its sure getting exiting at this point...

    The dream fades and I wake up in my bed. Another FA. I tried the same methods as before, but upon opening my eyes I actually wake up.

    This is the longest LD I've had in quite a while. It wasn't very interesting to read, I'm sure, but the level of clarity and stability was so awesome! It also confirmed to me the technique is worth praticing.
    I hope I'm on a streak and maybe next time I will go outdoors!

    SpaceS Out


    by SpaceS on 03-19-2013 at 08:06 PM
    Date: 15/3
    Time: Lucid for maybe 10 sec
    Method: Short WBTB and SSILD (+WILD?)
    After doing my SSILD cycles I went back to sleep. I then woke up later again and I think I did a WILD cause I remember lying in bed waiting, and then I was in a dream.
    In this dream I seemed to hover just under the ceiling of the room and I got the idea to rub my hands, legs and try to stabilize the dream. I remember looking at my feet and thats when the scene went black.
    After this I got non-lucid and I remember something like 4 dreams after that which had an aura of being on the werge of lucid. For example, I looked out the window from and apartment where I attended a party, and the world outside the windows were spinning (I had some beers last night ), this was strange and I almost did a RC.
    I think me forgetting to do a RC initially caused me to loose lucidity this time.
    I got lucid a short while in a later dream but again I didn't RC.

    Oh, one very odd thing happened towards the end of the night. I dreamt Giz Edwards were commenting on my lucid dream and looking puzzled when I told him I had hovered just beneath the ceiling of the room. Maybe he gave me some advice but I can't remember.

    I have not set any specific goal other than stabilizing in the dream at the moment, but I notice that what I refer to as "going black" doesn't always mean I wake up, but rather I have a FA or just get back to non-lucid dreaming. I am at this point just focusing on getting lucid as much as possible.