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    mansion party!

    by tangodamango on 01-29-2011 at 01:35 AM
    All i have to say is that my tech for trying to lucid is making a little bit more progress and its scary as all hell feeling my body go numb but hey its working pretty great!

    The dream started with me dancing around in this huge ball room with disco lights going off and i felt comfortable and a lot of my friends were there minding there own bussiness dancings to the trance music also. the dream started to fade a little bit at this point and went to a future scene. in this part i was helping my boss move christmas decorations around the mansion so that i could move the party upstairs tooooo bad christmas has been over for a little while :/. after working my ass off for awhile i thought were the fuck did my gf go so i decided to go look and i found all my friends sitting in this huge room that was just a huuuuge hot tub and the rooms walls were all glass sorrounding it and i saw my gf spooning with a lesbian and for some reason i got mad an ran upstairs. not a lucid but im finding that the SP method does help me a little bit and makes it a lot easier for me to remember my dreams

    very hazy

    by tangodamango on 01-25-2011 at 06:50 AM
    ive been trying this new method of figuring out when im going to fall asleep and it seems to be working wonders.


    ~im laying in my bed as i feel a heavy blanket feeling coming over me and i know im going to fall asleep soon and i keep chanting "i will lucid dream" over and over in my head. At first the blanket that is a soft an very lightweight piece of fabric felt like someone collapsed a building on top of me...once i started dreaming I took a quick look around to find out im in this nice resort hotel with white sand walls and the sun was up and burning down on all the other people who were outside by the pool. The only thing was i had no fuckin clue why i was there at that point. all of a sudden it hit me...in the corner of my eye i noticed my Head chef boss sitting in the corner giving me the dirtiest look possibly and it hit me, i was doing catering at a hotel for my job. Well at least that could be explained but all of a sudden someone came in with a gun and started shooting the place up like a damn mad man. I cant recall what this pyscho looked like but all i can think of is that homeless guy that got famous being a radio talkshow host guy? well anyway he started goin nuts so he started firing shots at me so i dove into the water and it was sooooo damn cold. the bullets missed and when i rose back from the bottom of the pool everything was like it was before the nutcase stormed in. A few seconds afterwords tho my boss walks over to me an says "stop fuckin off and do some work" -_- I had to go around and put out labels for ever item that was gunna be on the serving line and for some reason it was the biggest bitch. i eventually got bored and found a bike and decided to ride it somewhere and i do remember i went to a few places but i only remember one and it was this nice big looking white house with a U shaped drive way with pillars in the front and a damn green lawn. I thought it was a good idea to break in and it turns out its my friend stephs house and i felt like a dick. After that i just remember riding my bike down some street and all the trees were dying.