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      Hi! Nice to meet you. I think your suggestions would really help me. But I can't even know or notice that I'm dreaming when I'm in the dream. Some people suggest to make reality check during day time. But it's not effective for me. Are there any effective way that is suitable with me?? And how is "LDs" differ from "OBEs"?? And do you know "Michael Raduga", the founder of "obe4u" website. And what's your real name??
      Sorry for many questions...
    2. shhhhhhhhhh
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    Death Game Victory

    by Theepicdreamer on 08-07-2013 at 05:15 PM
    This dream seemed to be kind of like a death game, you would (usually) die in the process, but after the games were over you would reappear at the start. I started Climbing up the pipes. they seemed to stick to basic colors like red, blue, yellow, and green. as you ascended the pipes, which tended to go in 45 degree angles, people would pick up random articles of clothing and put them on. I did the same, leaving my old clothes behind. they consisted of shorts, Tshirts, and underwear of various kinds. as I ascended to the top, after putting on all the clothes, I reached a wall with a ladder. They pulled up the ladder before I could get there. then I died.
    Again I started from the bottom. as soon as the gate in front of the tubes lifted, I ran up as fast as I could, grabbing whatever clothes I could, and slipping them on clumsily. I got my underwear on backwards. I managed to reach the top first, and climbed the ladder. they let about 30 kids up in total, left the rest to die. then I reached a little area with a lake in the middle, flowing through a gate to the south. to the northeast and southeast, there were small, 1 room houses. in the southwest was the staircase I went down to enter the area. in the little lake, there was a boat. I immediately went across the river on the boat to the small house. I don't remember quite what happened in there, but it caused me and everyone else in it to die.
    So I started again from the bottom, going a little bit slower, got my clothes on all the right way, and made it to the top before they pulled the ladder up. this time I investigated a set of buttons on a pole near the staircase. There were four of them, labeled with letters from left to right. the letters changed every time I looked at them (derp). I pressed the button farthest to the left, and nothing happened. then I pressed the second button from the right, and I blew up.
    So this time I made it into the arena without any real issue, and went over to the buttons again. I pressed the left most one again, realizing it must be some sort of pattern. I then pressed the second from the left button. I heard a soft whirring noise. Then I pressed the second from the right, and nothing happened. Finally I pressed the one furthest to the right, and some weird victory jingle played. I felt good. I headed clockwise around the river, past another 2 buttons, and made my way to the northeast building, where Garrison, a friend of mine, pressed on 2 spark plugs. there were 2 columns of 3, and he pressed the top left one, then the top right one. A victory jingle played, and I knew we one.

    Being a servant.

    by Theepicdreamer on 08-05-2013 at 04:26 PM
    So I dreamed that humans were being oppressed by giant... Somethings... Not sure what they looked like, because they wouldn't allow us to look at them. They ordered us to do meager tasks, and people with the skills to do better tasks would do them, and get better treatment. I showed them I could use some kinds of weapons, so they taught me how to fly, and made me a warrior. The dragon from the neverending story (giant flying longcat, but its a dog) came and started rampaging so they ordered me to kill it. Some guy came with a bow and started shooting it like crazy, so the dragon turned him into a baby? I told the dragon that his parents were killed by "one of you." he went over to confort the baby who was next to his dad (dafuq)
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Lucid # 3/4 - Doubles!

    by Theepicdreamer on 11-04-2011 at 01:34 PM
    Type: DILD/DILD


    this happened a day after the last one.

    So I woke up on a cruise ship (notice I always wake up into the dream world) and look around. somehow, I knew that the ship was split into 2 sides, the red and blue side, i was on blue. we had guns but all they did was stun people and make points float out of their bodies. I decided this was boring and went to sleep just on the side of the red team. I woke up again on a bench with a few other men and one girl. at random points, they would whip their balls out and I'd look away (even the girl), groaning. random teachers from my school would take them to the principal. I checked if I was dreaming, which I was. so i got up and punched everyone in the face, except the girl, who I backhanded (a girl from my school told me to. 0.o) and she went "blasting off like team rocket" I woke up again on the cruise ship, and lost my lucidity. I walked over to the base and started to help build it when I remembered I was dreaming, I checked again to be safe, and stabilized it. I told the one in charge, who was a few years younger than me, and he said something unintelligent like "I like goombas" (this kid is a friend of my brother, who is obsessed with super mario bros, especially goombas) I facepalmed myself and I went flying backwards. I forgot everything I hit goes flying. I hit a wall and woke up

    Lucid # 2 - YEEEAAAAA-Awwwwwww

    by Theepicdreamer on 11-03-2011 at 01:37 PM
    Type: DILD

    another DILD, I haven't succeeded with anything else yet. I'm still getting off with lucky breaks

    The dream starts in a classroom, i feel extremely tired, and I fall asleep on the desk. I "wake up" on the desk again, this was probably another layer of the dream, but I don't know. I did a quick RC (nose again) and it worked! I stood up and was about to control when I remembered to stabilize. I spun around in a few circles, and took one step and woke up on the desk in the classroom. After that I don't remember what happened.

    Updated 11-03-2011 at 01:39 PM by Theepicdreamer (forgot to put in catagory)


    Lucid # 1 - My first lucid

    by Theepicdreamer on 11-03-2011 at 01:33 PM
    Type: DILD

    before i start, I wanted to make a dream journal that showed the earliest stages of LD, so that people who had succeeded once wouldn't give up, because it takes time to get good

    This dream i had a lucky break. I dreamed I was reading about lucid dreaming on my iPad (). As I scrolled up and down the page, the words started to change. Perplexed, i stood up and preformed the breath through nose reality check. and it worked! as excited as I was, i forgot to stabilize the dream. i went to my window and noticed a garden that wasn't actually outside my real house. I closed the blinds and willed there to be a desert when I re-opened them. When I did, there was a different garden outside of my house. then i sneezed, and a gallon of snot came out of my nose, and I woke up.