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    1. that's ok, i really need to go to sleep anyhow. it was nice talking to you. message whenever you have thoughts to share.
    2. Thanks, I ran out of pms for the moment. I would like to get more like that this winter, snowy forests are amazing.
    3. damn the 3 pm's every 60 minute law >:I

      how can i harass people with that?
    4. you should join us in the irc chat
    5. lol i don't remember. poor recall from last night, not much sleep etc.
    6. you were in my dream last night. you were telling me about your ancestors.
    7. lol it's more of a philosophy/mock church. it's kinda like a serious joke. no worship involved.

      i'm rereading catch 22, but also reading a few field guides to spiders and trees and such. but really i'm not reading a whole lot.
    8. btw you should join the Erisian Church we're starting.
      You need a Discordian name though.
    9. read anything good lately?
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