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    1. Haha, thanks, I'm glad I could be of service. I heard there was a need a for a tulpa subforum so I figured, hey, I like supporting DV, so why not?

    2. After making Tulpa Land, you are now my favorite person on Dream Views.
    3. I play mostly '60s and '70s rock. You should listen to 2112, it's epic! It's long but amazing.
    4. Nice! :O What kind of music do you play? And I like the Rush songs I've heard, but I haven't heard many. I don't really listen to them normally, but I am familiar with a few songs.
    5. Not much except school and trying to start a band. We finally found a good singer who plays the guitar, but we still need a bass player that will do something and stay in the band longer than a month. Do you like Rush?
    6. Hey, thanks for the add! What's up?
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