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    1. Ok
    2. It's just for Halloween.
    3. You changed your avatar
    4. It's perfectly fine, just take your time. This experiment is a progressive thing, just like in several threads in the IOSDP section. No rush.
    5. Sorry I haven't been able to add much to your new shared dreaming experiment. I can remember feelings I had from the dreams, but not what happened or where.
    6. I think it would just be white noise if I listened to it during the day, because my senses would easily just decrease in focus on it, and usually, my dreams aren't derived from the sounds and how it made me feel during the day.

      But that's just me.
    7. I read more about astral projection and I think that's what was happening. Makes sense because part of it is about astral projection. As long as it's quiet, the louder and more exciting parts don't make it harder for me. Did you like it if you wanted to listen to it during the day?
    8. Yes I did. I told you that it would just make it harder for me to sleep.

      It may be suitable for you, but I rather sleep with as little sound as possible.
    9. I don't think you ever said anything about the song during the chat thing. What did you think of it?
    10. It ends at the near end of September 13th (after midnight has passed the 14th), to give others some time to possibly take naps if their within my timezone in America.
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