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      Thanks for the response from the PM ybm, means a lot. And I will remain cautious of how those emotions are sublimated.

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    The Great Chase

    by ybm on 12-10-2012 at 06:44 PM
    I was in New York with a few companions (which I don't remember again[at least I wrote down my dreams today, compared to last time]) and I was being chased by a group of professional bad guys. I don't know what they wanted to do with me, or my companions, I just knew I had to get away, or kill them. I can visually remember some of the chase which was by taxi, on foot through alleyways and through a mall. Somewhere in between that, I stopped in with my group at a starbucks (I don't like coffee) and chatted up this pretty good looking girl. She had these freckles that made me really remember her face. Then the bad guys started catching up to me. I get a call from a government authority figure telling me I need to evacuate and there was one plane left out of the area. My group and I race through traffic with the bad guys on my tail. We finally make it to the airport. Inside the airport, the pressure level goes up to 7 because we had to pressurize the area if we wanted to make it up to 30,000 feet. Doesn't make sense, I know, but I never picked up on it. (I have a logical brain and if the thing in question seems logical, I accept it.) This means that I can't fire my gun. Suddenly, the major bad guy bursts into the airport, (just like the one guy from die hard with the AUG) and tries to shoot me. I explain we all can't fire or we all die and he accepts this, but in a hateful way. I feel tempted to shoot him, but I only have one bullet left, and again, we would all die from the pressure if I fired. My group makes it onto the plane, and I seem to get left behind, and I tell them to take off. Me and this foe exchange some blows and he tackles me to the ground. I remember specifically, reaching my arm out to the plane, and shouting "GO!" and they start taking off. After that, I am teleported to my backyard with my mom looking at the plane as it sits, buoyant on my small lake. (The size doesn't even fit, a jumbo jet fitting in a small lake, maybe 30'x20'.) We try to make it onto the plane as we feel it's our only rescue but I tell her to hold on and look for alligators first. I see two of them and we realize that we are safer on the land and the plane starts to sink. It hits the bottom and I lean over to look and I fall into the water. Strangely enough, I don't feel wet and it's like I'm hanging off of a cliff. I start to lose my grip and scream for my mom to help me. She pulls me up just as the alligators catch onto me.

    End long dream #1

    My interpretation is that I think I found a few dream signs. One being that I always have an adversary, like a group of bad guys chasing me. I seem to have a few companions too, which I never remember afterwards. It also doesn't take a genius to see at the end of my dream, I can always rely on my mom to save me.

    In this next long dream, I had a group heist and I stole something. (The item in question didn't even make sense, it was part of my mic that controlled volume and mute for my PC.) So I just remember watching this little girl (and I was invisible or something, because she didn't react to my presence) with a crowbar and a small piece of something from a spark plug that's supposed to make window smashing quieter, (heard of that in the walking dead game, probably not true) throw the small piece in the air and hit it with the crowbar like it was a baseball bat, and break the window. It was surprisingly quiet though, and she waltzed into the clubhouse through the weight room and was about to steal the mic piece, when I called her out and police investigators who were there thought it was pretty suspicious. They started questioning her and I don't remember her answer but then they started questioning me and I said I stole it for some reason. The police then started chasing me and I got away for the most part but then they stopped caring and I did too. I then just was being play chased by some kid and his lackey. We mock shot at eachother and I got into an arguement with the kid about how if I had my gun out first and was ready to pull the trigger, I would get my shot off before he had time to draw and shoot back. Also, for some reason, I was able to get more speed in the chase by running on all-fours and was able to get ahead (weird right?).

    End of long dream #2

    Interpretation: Again, I feel like the police were some kind of adversary and I think this is really some kind of dream sign. The kid arguing with me also reminds me a lot of Jake. He wouldn't admit any guilt and said he could do it. I even gave the kid examples and did a few dry runs to show him, and he still didn't believe me. I fucking hate Jake. Like, I really hate that kid.

    Journey to Mars

    by ybm on 12-09-2012 at 09:19 PM
    I really should do this in the morning, most of my recall is gone by now. I remember that I was on Mars with some companions (forget who) and we were talking to some aliens there. Surprisingly enough, they spoke English and looked somewhat like humans but they were almost amazed at our presence.

    The dichotomy and my interpretation of the dream was like being an ancient Egyptian and seeing aliens visiting Earth. Except I was the alien...

    Also, walking in the forest (dayz like forests, I play dayz a lot) and talking about selling the house.