So the first one is fairly new, but somehow it feels like it'll be recurring. The other two are recurring and have been for a while.

- Just woke up from what felt like a really long and deep dream, the first time I've had this one I believe. Basically in my dream, I was extremely angry and I even remember physically hurting a loved one once in the dream. Most of it was me just generally being angry, I think it was actually about my boyfriend and I was angry and upset because I was scared he was going to meet someone else. But I'm not usually an angry person, I especially wouldn't hurt someone physically or just scream and lash out.

- Another recurring dream that really bothers me is; I simply dream that I am with one of my ex's, and I'm extremely unhappy. I have no idea why I'm with them again, I think it's as if I never broke up with them, and I simply want to get away from them and to my current boyfriend who genuinely makes me happy. But all throughout the dream, I feel panic and anxiety (which is what I have been diagnosed with) because I'm not with my current boyfriend, it's as if I'm scared to be back with my ex's. Then when I wake up, I generally feel a bit panicked and upset but relieved that it's not the case. I think this dream mostly occurs when I'm not physically with my boyfriend either (currently between my parent's and his house)

- The most occurring one involves my "wicked step-mum". My dad's partner who he's been with since I was about 10-11, who we've never got along. She actually used to be incredibly horrible to me, doing certain things that are just unthinkable because they're so stupid and blaming them on me, in order for my dad to shout at me. I reckon she tried to push me out of the family due to her wanting to be the only "girl" my dad has, and because she doesn't have a daughter of her own. Anyway, in this dream, I'm usually with my dad and her. I basically confront her constantly, both of them sometimes, telling her how much she ruined my life and my dad for favouring her over me, calling her out on all the things she did that my dad doesn't know about. I guess it's what I want to do in real life, but I don't for the sake of keeping relations with my dad and my half brothers (even though I never see any of them) and because she's actually being "nice" now I'm older.

I have no idea what all of these mean really but the two regularly recurring dreams really bother me.
Thank you in advance.