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    Thread: Nightmares relating to my house

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      Nightmares relating to my house

      I have this recurring dream about discovering new rooms in my house, particularly basement related. The last few times I had the dream, my basement appeared to have expanded significantly with new mysterious rooms and I would try really hard to build barriers to block access to the expanded areas because I could sense a dark force trying to escape.

      Last night in my dream, I opened my pantry to discover that it was actually an entrance that leads to a second basement which I don't even have. Not too far from the entrance, there was a sign that read "do not enter". I had a friend who was visiting at the time and he proceeded to go further ignoring the sign. I panicked and told him to come back but he didn't listen. He then came to a big door that was guarded by a powerful force. A very loud and deep voice told him to leave immediately but he attempted to do something to interfere with the force which resulted in the door opening and the "dark force" that was in my previous dream escaped. The dark force turned out to be not as evil as I originally thought it would be and anyone it touched would be given supernatural powers. However, the power I was given felt very ineffective and weak compared to everyone else. Further into the basement was also a museum. I later clued in that the supernatural powers were only temporary and after it wears off, those who had powers would turn into statues and be stored away in the museum.
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      Dream interpreters often say that dream houses may be symbolic for the dreamer's mind. So it may be that your mind may be deeper and more expansive than you previously realized. And some of the deep parts of your mind may be scary to you, and you may not want your friend delving too deep into your mind. Although you may be surprised if your friend ignores you and gets to know your secret parts better that it may not be as bad as you expected. You may gain temporary superpowers, abilities that are more than you expected to have, or maybe showing off for your friend. This reminds me of how sometimes when we go on dates or want to impress a new friend we may temporarily be more than our usual selves. But those changes are only temporary. And afterwards may become just memories like statues in a museum, once you return to your usual ordinary self.

      Of course that's just one possible interpretation.
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      Thank you for your interpretation! My bizarre dreams always leave me waking up with mixed feelings and it's personalized interpretations like these that give me the reassurance that dreams are just dreams
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