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    Thread: turing test on DCs

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      turing test on DCs

      I asked a DC whether or not it was conscious and it said no. However, Iīm pretty sure that it could pass a turing test. Do you think this means the turing test could be flawed? Also, I find it interesting to talk to dream people because they arenīt conscious whereas real people supposedly are (assuming you arenīt a solipsist).

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      I think there are two problems with it. The first is that there is no reason a dream character shouldn't be intelligent, since it is using your brain. And second, you are not thinking clearly even in lucid dreams, so any judgment is automatically biased. For example a dream character might say something stupid and you might think its perfectly reasonable, while in a dream.

      I think if it was possible to question a dream character from outside the dream, they would probably fail after a lengthy period. I do think they would do really well in short bursts, but over time I suspect they will start saying really weird stuff that makes no sense.
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