Be not afraid to question your knowledge, or to break it down and inspect it's contents. For in doing so you either strengthen it or discard it - And if the latter, so be it, you are better off without it altogether.

"But" you say, "I'm sure I'm right", no doubt, but this is not the point.

Take none of it at face value, when you are presented with knowledge, whether it be from the head of academia or the holiest of scriptures - for you owe it to them to gather for yourself an understanding of why this knowledge is so. "I shall not waste my time questioning that which is obviously correct and wise - instead I will use my time to learn more" A fair pursuit, but the acquisition of knowledge and the thirst for information will leave you empty in the end. What has the walker gained that the driver has not, when both reach the top of the mountain?

When you allow yourself to know, you are like he who has been born into riches, without an idea as to how he came to be there. Let yourself see that knowledge is not the goal, but that the path is to be walked for the paths sake; Then when you arrive, even if you have walked full circle in your mind and returned to your original assumption, you will have gained so much more than the end result and there you will stand ready to walk again.