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    Thread: The order of the things.

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      The order of the things.

      At start it was the one.
      it was god it was male,it was everything,one ultimate,one absolute,the light carried everything with in in perfect harmony.
      But the one could not define him self.

      Then came the other.It was Nothing,it was female empty dark and hollow space,to show
      to the one it self.

      but the one couldn't define itself only to the other.

      and then came the third.carried everything within to finally define what is the one.And
      everything in it were carrying the one that is and the one that is not.

      but the third couldn't only be the one that is and the one that it isn't.

      and then came the fourth which was and wasn't the three.

      and what a marvel should
      be the fourth and it's way walking that road.

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      At the start it was none, nowhere, not nothing, no-thing,
      and the zero saw through it's own shadow.

      The eye of infinity, in every one.

      Emptiness, the mother of potential.

      Never realized, it is realization.

      Never beginning nor ending, it is the only way.
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