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      Lightbulb Using headphones to Lucid Dream

      Ok, let me start by saying the headphones I'm using are the sleephones. google it so you'll know where im coming from. ok, So it started 3 days ago. I originally bought it to listen to calm music for fast sleep. Then 3 days ago i went on pandora through my android phone (and if you dont know what it is it's like an online radio) and i put it on quick mix. my genre consists of rap, rock, calm meditation, guitar solo, techno and a few others. SO when I put it on quickmix it played all those genres of music, one after the other randomly. And the strangest thing happened each and every one of those times. I started going through sleep paralysis. I always stopped when i realized it because I was scared of seeing HI but im positive i was going through sleep paralysis.

      I did not have to try to keep my mind awake. I always like fell asleep first then my mind would wake up when another song plays. My body would be partially asleep but i know if i wasn't scared i could have fell straight into sleep paralysis. Btw I think the reason this occur is because of the stimuli the different songs are sending out. I want to inform you guys that i did this just before i go to sleep at night. i can imagine this technique can (will) be more effective after you've gotten some hours of sleep first. I also wanted to keep in mind that i wasnt using a regular headphones. i found them too uncomfortable. I was using the sleephones found in amazon. I wouldnt know where you can find them anywhere else.

      I hope i've helped you guys find a way to lucid dream. I also hoped i encouraged curious and adventurous people to try and experiment with this technique. If you guys do try this, please give me your findings or experience. It will be helpful for others.

      Lastly i want to tell you guys that all of this was from me. So if this is really successful I will be giving it an awesome ass name, Like Aild (pronounced Ay- ld. An acronym for Audio induced lucid dream)
      or AID (acronym for Audio induced dream.)
      or maybe even MAID (music audio induced dream)..... well i guess i'll think about the names later.

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      I have tried similar things. I find though they interfere with my ability to fall asleep, although I think this is due to a combination of ADD and Synesthesia. When I tried it, it would get me into a deep meditative state, but it would take over an hour would not put me to sleep and because my brain focused on the synesthetic reaction to the music and that kept my mind from doing the wandering it generally needs to do in order for me to enter a dream state. Makes me wonder if others have a similar issue. The one thing i just got though is a CD of bineural beats which are basically just ambient noise. I think I might try some experiments with this and see if it works better than just using regular music

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