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      Dr. Steven Greer and alien contact

      I've been receiving a large number of e-mails requesting dream interpretations where the dreams fit a set pattern (been noticing this pattern in far more dreams than average)

      Most of the time, when people send me a dream about alien contact, i translate it the way I would any other dream. I always keep a personal log of dream patterns just to see how society effects dream trends. These dreams are a little different to the norm, they appear to be genuine inbound contact from off world.

      I'm sure you're all familiar with the work of Dr. Steven Greer, the telepathic global attempt to contact aliens, well these appear to be some form of reply. I chatted on Dial in Channel up about it and would be interested to know if any other dream researchers have been noticing similar patterns. Dial In Channel Up Dream of being contacted - YouTube

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      I wonder if you've heard about any dreams like ones I've had. In one, I was being instructed by someone presenting themselves as extraterrestrial whose goal was searching the universe for plastic compounds in an effort to detoxify them. He had a large chalkboard with complex symbols I'd never seen before, and 3d representations of these compounds.

      I listened to some of your video and thought it was interesting. Whether or not extraterrestrials are really contacting us, however, these experiences could still be serving the purpose of providing a method of communication we see as authoritative. Being contacted in a dream by an extraterrestrial intelligence is certainly not an experience to forget.
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