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    Thread: 3$ "Mask"

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      3$ "Mask"

      Hi all,
      first of all a thing to clear.

      i never see this idea nowhere, it came to my mind couple days back, and it may seem ridicoulus, but the most important thing is just a try before you buy a 200$ mask, figure it out whether or not is it working for you, before u waste a lot of money.
      Ok there are some apps for android and ios for this, but its just an idea if u wanna try it.

      So maybe u dont even need to buy one, coz u already have: A rear light of a bicycle
      Those little-usually red- flashing lights.
      Of course there are some massive problems with it, eg. it doesnt have rem detection,and the flashes does not stop after a minute or a couple minutes.(the "lucid dreamer" android app doesnt have the ability to stop the flashes either, so...)so mybe after u got lucid and the flashes still on, maybe it can wake u up, i dont know, but u can try stabilize the scene..i dont know, but thats why i said, it maybe helps to figure out whether or not u can recognize the flashes in your dreams, or is it transforming into your dream scene.(for example as a cop car with the sirens, or fireworks etc..)and u can get a rem dreamer if it works for u.

      Another problem need to solve, it is bright as hell(or heaven), so you need to roll the lamp into a material, black t-shirt or something. The brightness depends on the color of the material, or the thickness etc, so it wont disturbing, but noticeable.
      I did not try, but i think u can easyly falling asleep while it flashes to your closed eyelids.
      its recommended not using when u first go to bed, do a wbtb or just a simple alarm and go back to sleep with the flashes turned on.

      i downloaded the lucid dreamer for android ,although it has a timer ,so u can set the delay when u wanna to start the flashes(its a silverish flash)but i just keeps going on, not switches off itself.
      The price of the rem dreamer pro is pretty good already, its 150 euro, not 300 or 350 as the novadreamer was.

      (sry for eng)
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