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      How much can your subconscious handle?

      When you are dreaming, your intentions are so much more powerful. I know your brain handles the entire body and controls everything. But I'm wondering, what is the limit to what your subconscious is going to listen to?

      I have a feeling the brain has a large database of information on how to repair itself and protect itself that is much larger and extensive than we think. If it has such a large database, then our Science could NEVER compare to what the brain is capable of doing it's very own way it learned on it's own.

      When we have a cut, our brain goes to work and contacts different parts of the brain and then sends a call to the body about what to do and why to do it and how exactly it is done. Whenever I had the back of my toe freezed to rid of the warts I had, my body created a blood-blister that looked man-made. I was impressed because I had only 2 blisters in my life, and I never had a blood-blister before. This fascinated me, how my brain just figured out how to heal the body like that.

      If our subconscious is answering our intentions...Is it possible to change the way our body functions to improve it for later when it needs that upgrade? I heard some stories about how some remembered their intent to remove their warts and when they woke up, it was black.

      If it is possible to change our body using our subconscious...Could we use that emotion to change, that vision to change, that outcome, to make our subconscious go to work and have the idea flow to the other parts of the brain and cause our body to naturally evolve?

      If I imagined to be a much bigger person with a bioluminescent skin like a Na'Vi has, the muscles, a long-lasting body that could last for over a hundred years and would stay young looking...Could that really come true?

      I had a thought for over a week now since I had my very first intelligent lucid dream where I was aware of my environment and it stayed clear and didn't get more blurry. I thought that maybe my body could detach the awareness like it does in the Delta brainwave state if I ended up in the place I imagined evolution, almost like a reality test, but instead of testing reality, I would be pulled out of reality instantly while my body fell into a deep restorative state. Eventually my detached awareness would reattach while not disturbing the deep restorative state. The process I imagined was my entire body's skin layer dying and trapping me inside the dead layer of skin and causing it to change into a type of independent Amniotic sac. Then I would basically in a couple of months, come out with a very sturdy body that would last over a hundred years.

      Isn't that possible even if it sounds very difficult to make your subconscious do?

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      Some of the body's functions are just chemical reactions as well, separate from the brains intentions. Just thought I'd add that.

      I know what you're saying, personally, I think bio evolution will be followed by mechanical evolution, and our race (if we survive long enough) will basically begin to merge and evolve alongside the technology we create. The brain is immensely powerful and I think these evolutionary steps will bring together mind and machine very well.
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      I recommend that you should read this book, called the power of the subconscious mind.


      There are many other books answering your question, you can find them in that website.


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