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      Post DAEMON Project RP: Powers

      The test subjects studied at the facility all possess strange abilities. So far only a few abilities have been catalogued but more and more are being discovered every day (if you want your character to have an ability that is not listed below please pm me and if I think it is appropriate I will allow your character to have the ability and I'll add it to the power list in part two of the RP). Each character can only have one ability. DO NOT POST YOUR CHARACTER BIOS HERE OR RP HERE PLEASE.

      The psychics have been categorized into four classes:

      Alpha - these psychics possess passive abilities and so the least destructive

      Beta - these psychics possess intermediate abilities whose abilties are
      fairly destructive.

      Gamma - These psychics possess extremely destructive abilities.

      Omega - Psychics in this class are very rare and so possess the most
      powerful and destructive abilities. (Only two omega characters
      in the entire rp - once two are created, no more are allowed).

      Here are the list of abilties - REMEMBER more are yet to be catalogued.


      Telepathy - the ability of mind reading. Telepaths can glean thoughts and
      feelings from other people and the experienced can even take
      control of other people.

      Inhibition Manipulation - Psychics with this ability are called persuaders.
      They can make anyone do anything they want just
      by telling them to do so (e.g. if a persuader told
      you to kill yourself you would). The experienced
      don't even need to speak to use their ability all they
      need to do is think.

      Aura Seeing - These people can see the auras of others. With practice they
      can absorb them stealing their life force.

      Precognition - The ability to see the future when awake (conscious
      precognition) or when asleep (unconcious precognition).

      Rapid Cellular Regeneration - the ability to rapidly heal from anywound.
      As long as the brain is in contact with the rest
      of the body this ability works. However if the
      brain is separated then the body loses this
      ability. However if the brain came in contact
      again the entire body will regenerate. If the
      brain itself is destroyed then the psychic will
      be unable to heal and die. People with this ability
      live forever as their body's cells constantly
      regenerate themselves.


      Telekinesis - The ability to manipulate all matter. Telekinetics can move
      objects with their mind. With practice they can even move
      huge objects like trains ec.

      Electrokinesis - The ability to generate and manipulate electrical energy.
      These psychics can shoot large arcs of electricity from their
      bodies. In some very rare cases they can even tranform their
      own bodies to electrical energy and move through electricity
      cables and wire.

      Animation - the abilities to bring inanimate things to life and control them.
      With experience they can animate larger objects.

      Astral Eye - also called "Enneal Eye" is the colloquial name for the ability to
      show subjects visions of the Astral Realms via eye contact. One
      with this ability need only look into the eyes of an ally in order
      to show them a beautiful vision of the afterlife (the good side of
      the Astral Realms), or to show foes a frightening vision of the
      afterlife (the bad side of the Astral Realms). Though the user is
      aware that it is only a vision, the subject would be able to
      perceive this vision as though it were real. Although the images
      of the afterlife are real, the experience is simulated.

      Umbrakinesis - is the ability to mentally deactivate or repulse light energy to
      surround oneself or others in darkness. With this ability, one
      could even travel through shadows (called Umbrageous
      Teleportation, accomplished by deactivating light particles
      and converting said particles into a dark version of a
      wormhole). One with this power could or surround foes in pitch
      black clouds of lightless space.

      Probability Manipulation - this is the ability to control luck. People with this
      ability can alter the probability of an event
      happening (e.g. someone winning the lottery).
      There has only been one case to date of
      someone with this ability actually manipulating the


      Atmokinesis - is the ability to mentally control barometric pressure in the
      atmosphere and humidity at will, resulting in the change of
      weather patterns and formation of freak weather conditions. In
      many cases, people with this ability can shift the atmosphere
      and thus generate any natural weather occurrence from fog,
      mist and rain to hailstorms, blizzards and hurricanes. One with
      this ability is also usually rendered resistant against extreme
      weather conditions, or uses this ability to predict, generate,
      calm or resist any weather condition.

      Radiation Manipulation - is an ability that allows the generation and
      manipulation of various types and amounts of
      radiation. One with this ability could generate an
      EMP, ultraviolet, nuclear or various other types of
      radiation. One with this ability could withstand it,
      absorb it and re-direct it.

      Viralgenesis - the ability to create a deadly virus that kills those around
      leaving the creater immune to them.

      Terrakinesis - the ability to manipulate rock and earth substances.
      People with this ability can cause earthquakes, landslides etc.
      With practice the range of this ability increases.


      Asterokinesis - is the tremendously powerful ability to manipulate the energy
      generated by stars as well as their electromagnetic,
      gravitational and radiational energies. Simply put, one could
      manipulate energy generated by stars, quasars and dark

      Astrakinesis - is the ability to psychically generate and manipulate psychic
      and astral energies. One with this hugely powerful ability can
      summon astral or psychic energy and launch them as
      concussive beams, rays, etc. One with this ability could even
      cover an object in astral energy to use harmless everyday
      objects as dangerous weapons, or project astral versions of
      oneself or others. This ability could even be used to disrupt or
      enhance certain psychic abilities
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