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    Thread: DVA seminars.

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      DVA seminars.

      Now at the Dreamviews Academy we are introducing seminars. Seminars are one night lectures on various lucid dreaming and beyond dreaming topics. Open the spoiler for a list of up coming seminars.

      Spoiler for Seminar Calendar:

      You do not need to register for seminars just show up. To get in to a seminar click the chat tab in the navbar. Sign in with your regular username and password. Then type /join #seminar and hit enter. There are no class limits but regular DV and chat rules should still be followed. If a user conducting a seminar reports you for any offense you may be permanently banned from attending seminars.

      Chat logs of seminars will also be archived in this sub-forum for all users to read.

      If you are interested in teaching a seminar please PM me the following information.

      1) What topic you want to teach.

      2) What date(s) you are interested in teaching.

      3) An approximation of how long your seminar will run.

      In most cases a minimum of three months registered on the forums is required to teach a seminar.

      If you have any questions please create a new post or PM one the Dream Guides..
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