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      GWP's Deleted Thread I Couldn't Resist Bringing Back

      Originally posted by greywolfpoet
      Asthmaticape [8:47pm]: i guess people don't really chat after 7 pm?

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      Asthmaticape [8:47pm]: nm diff part of world probably

      greywolfpoet [8:48pm]: ...

      greywolfpoet [8:48pm]: so truw

      Asthmaticape [8:48pm]: russia, huh?

      dream-happy [8:48pm]: hello

      greywolfpoet [8:48pm]: hiya

      Asthmaticape [8:48pm]: what time is it where you sit?

      dream-happy [8:49pm]: its 9 here

      greywolfpoet [8:49pm]: ya what of it?

      dream-happy [8:49pm]: what time is it there?

      Asthmaticape [8:49pm]: what time is it in good ol' russia?

      dream-happy [8:49pm]: astma?

      Asthmaticape [8:50pm]: oh its 830 in the land of oz

      dream-happy [8:50pm]: I live in sunny florida

      dream-happy [8:50pm]: not russia

      dream-happy [8:50pm]: oz huh

      Asthmaticape [8:50pm]: my grandparents live down there

      dream-happy [8:50pm]: must be nice there

      Asthmaticape [8:50pm]: tooooo humid

      greywolfpoet [8:50pm]: bout 5 am

      dream-happy [8:50pm]: all colorful etc...

      Asthmaticape [8:50pm]: oh actually its kansas

      greywolfpoet [8:51pm]: i dont sleep much its too cold

      dream-happy [8:51pm]: wow 5 am

      Asthmaticape [8:51pm]: it sucks

      greywolfpoet [8:51pm]: but i got vodka

      dream-happy [8:51pm]: lol

      Asthmaticape [8:51pm]: i sleep better in the cold

      dream-happy [8:51pm]: that only makes you colder

      greywolfpoet [8:51pm]: the legal drinking age here is 14

      dream-happy [8:51pm]: but o well

      dream-happy [8:51pm]: you dont really feel it

      greywolfpoet [8:51pm]: i knoiw i like the cold it keeps me alert

      dream-happy [8:51pm]: grr

      Asthmaticape [8:51pm]: the illusion of warmth

      greywolfpoet [8:52pm]: us comunist know how to live not like you fucked up americans

      Asthmaticape [8:52pm]: funny

      Asthmaticape [8:52pm]: you're probably right

      greywolfpoet [8:52pm]: im not joking

      Asthmaticape [8:52pm]: i know that's what's funny

      greywolfpoet [8:53pm]: and what is it you filthy american swine

      Asthmaticape [8:53pm]: it isn't us, it's the country we live in

      Asthmaticape [8:53pm]: i'm not particularly proud of my country

      Asthmaticape [8:53pm]: i think it's funny that you think how you do tho

      greywolfpoet [8:54pm]: ha thats what makes america weak ....you have lazy people

      greywolfpoet [8:54pm]: im 14 and have to work until 12 am

      Asthmaticape [8:54pm]: i'm sorry

      dream-happy [8:54pm]: yes I agree... about the lazy part

      greywolfpoet [8:54pm]: well you should be

      dream-happy [8:54pm]: but we are all rich

      dream-happy [8:54pm]:

      greywolfpoet [8:55pm]: -_-;

      Asthmaticape [8:55pm]: i believe we are fortunate

      greywolfpoet [8:55pm]: we have hookers for 50 cents

      greywolfpoet [8:55pm]: i win

      dream-happy [8:55pm]: i dont like hookers

      dream-happy [8:55pm]: diseases

      Asthmaticape [8:55pm]: you win, but contract gonhorrea

      dream-happy [8:55pm]: I dont go for whores

      dream-happy [8:56pm]: lol

      Asthmaticape [8:56pm]: besides, you shouldn't blame us for being born here

      greywolfpoet [8:56pm]: no our goverment pays for the hookers and gives them medical
      treatment so we a mostly safe

      dream-happy [8:56pm]: I dunno I like it here

      Asthmaticape [8:56pm]: i am not fat or lazy

      dream-happy [8:57pm]: im rich and I havnt done anything

      dream-happy [8:57pm]: Im not lazy tho

      dream-happy [8:57pm]: I do have a job

      Asthmaticape [8:57pm]: greywolf, considering: you must be pretty rich or have a public
      computer, right?

      dream-happy [8:57pm]: public comp at 5am?

      dream-happy [8:58pm]: hes rich

      dream-happy [8:58pm]: works his ass off all day

      Asthmaticape [8:58pm]: you never know, with CRAZY russia!

      dream-happy [8:58pm]: from what iv heard...

      dream-happy [8:58pm]: lol

      Asthmaticape [8:58pm]: WOW, wild and CRAZY russia!

      greywolfpoet [8:58pm]: public computer everything is open late here

      dream-happy [8:58pm]: o

      Asthmaticape [8:59pm]: they really know how to live, working 12 hours a day at 14 and

      dream-happy [8:59pm]: where are your public computers?

      dream-happy [8:59pm]: lol

      Asthmaticape [8:59pm]: whereas we only work a third of our life and dont do anything but eat
      the rest of the time

      dream-happy [8:59pm]: no attacks on heritage here

      dream-happy [8:59pm]: lol

      Asthmaticape [9:00pm]: i'm sorry, but i dont like over-generalizations

      greywolfpoet [9:00pm]: who said i work 12 hours

      dream-happy [9:00pm]: im just going to invest

      greywolfpoet [9:00pm]: i work at night

      greywolfpoet [9:00pm]: i start at 6

      Asthmaticape [9:00pm]: i'm just being stupid

      dream-happy [9:00pm]: and get off at 12?

      Asthmaticape [9:00pm]: do you have an appointed job or something?

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      greywolfpoet [9:01pm]: no its a job i want

      dream-happy [9:01pm]: its not that bad over there (i dont think)

      dream-happy [9:01pm]: what do you do?

      Asthmaticape [9:01pm]: why do you complain?

      greywolfpoet [9:01pm]: i never said it was bad

      Asthmaticape [9:01pm]: you chose it, you work it, you live it!

      lucidnina [9:02pm]: gwp what are you going on about in here

      dream-happy [9:02pm]: heritage

      greywolfpoet [9:02pm] [TO: lucidnina]: shh im screwing with there minds

      Asthmaticape [9:02pm]: just being a jerk to greywolf

      dream-happy [9:02pm]: us proud americans talking to a proud russian

      lucidnina [9:02pm]: hey asthmaticape and dream-happy

      Asthmaticape [9:02pm]: dream happy is nice

      dream-happy [9:03pm]: hello

      Asthmaticape [9:03pm]: im mean

      Asthmaticape [9:03pm]: hey nina

      greywolfpoet [9:03pm]: if i were an american swine i bet you love talking to me

      dream-happy [9:03pm]: lol

      dream-happy [9:03pm]: lol

      greywolfpoet [9:03pm] [TO: lucidnina]: this is so easy

      lucidnina [9:03pm]: you guys are new right

      Asthmaticape [9:03pm]: lol

      lucidnina [9:03pm]: how do you like DV so far

      Asthmaticape [9:03pm]: i'm new

      dream-happy [9:03pm]: somwhat

      Asthmaticape [9:03pm]: pretty neat

      dream-happy [9:03pm]: its good

      Asthmaticape [9:04pm]: unfortunately, i dont own a computer

      dream-happy [9:04pm]: iv had 10 lds since joining

      Asthmaticape [9:04pm]: so i'm not on whenever i want

      Asthmaticape [9:04pm]: but i think it definitely increases my awareness

      lucidnina [9:04pm]: oh yeah??

      lucidnina [9:04pm]: 10? thats awesome

      dream-happy [9:04pm]: yep

      greywolfpoet [9:04pm]: hah americans never put work into anything

      dream-happy [9:04pm]: must be somwhat natural?

      lucidnina [9:05pm]: you guys should pick a color all this black is confusing me hehe

      dream-happy [9:05pm]: lol

      dream-happy [9:05pm]: ok

      lucidnina [9:05pm]: yeah im a natural too

      greywolfpoet [9:05pm]: the color

      dream-happy [9:05pm]: i remember havinbg them when i used to remember my dreams

      greywolfpoet [9:05pm] [TO: lucidnina]: im evil arent i

      Asthmaticape [9:05pm]: i think this is probably the color of my aura

      lucidnina [9:05pm] [PRIVATE]: immature lol

      Asthmaticape [9:05pm]: ...whatever

      dream-happy [9:05pm]: but then I couldnt remember my dreams for years

      lucidnina [9:06pm]: pink? hehe

      dream-happy [9:06pm]: lol

      dream-happy [9:06pm]: i havnt picked the color of mine...

      greywolfpoet [9:06pm] [TO: lucidnina]: well i just come into the room and they say \" your from
      russa huh?\"

      dream-happy [9:06pm]: how do you decide?

      dream-happy [9:06pm]: or were you joking

      Asthmaticape [9:06pm]: i don't know

      Asthmaticape [9:06pm]: it isn't real?

      dream-happy [9:06pm]: o

      lucidnina [9:06pm]: how old are you guys

      lucidnina [9:06pm]: or girls

      greywolfpoet [9:06pm]: back i need more vodka

      Asthmaticape [9:07pm]: i'm 22

      dream-happy [9:07pm]: im guy

      dream-happy [9:07pm]: and im 16

      dream-happy [9:07pm]: im but a young student

      Asthmaticape [9:07pm]: you're just adding fuel to the fire here, greywolf

      lucidnina [9:07pm]: cool ape...me too

      lucidnina [9:07pm]: don't listen to him he's full of crap

      Asthmaticape [9:07pm]: is he?

      lucidnina [9:08pm]: totally

      Asthmaticape [9:08pm]: that's too bad

      Asthmaticape [9:08pm]: funny guy, tho

      dream-happy [9:08pm]: who is full of crap?

      greywolfpoet [9:08pm]: shutit you got drunk last night too why cant i

      lucidnina [9:08pm]: haha

      lucidnina [9:08pm]: gwp you are too young to be drinkin

      Asthmaticape [9:08pm]: i think i have a drinking problem

      greywolfpoet [9:09pm]: NOT IN RUSSIA

      Asthmaticape [9:09pm]: 14 is legal in russia

      Asthmaticape [9:09pm]: lol

      Asthmaticape [9:09pm]: he can see over the bar

      dream-happy [9:09pm]: lol

      dream-happy [9:09pm]: how old r u russia?

      dream-happy [9:09pm]: er... grey

      dream-happy [9:10pm]: (honest mistake)

      lucidnina [9:10pm]: i should have been arrested last night

      greywolfpoet [9:10pm]: 15 in 5 days

      dream-happy [9:10pm]: for?

      Asthmaticape [9:10pm]: for...

      dream-happy [9:10pm]: ah

      Asthmaticape [9:10pm]: d'oh

      lucidnina [9:10pm]: he aint in russia

      greywolfpoet [9:10pm]: ANOTHER PROBLEM IN AMERICA

      greywolfpoet [9:10pm]: no strict laws

      greywolfpoet [9:11pm]: up get a caning for being drunk in public

      Asthmaticape [9:11pm]: yeah.

      dream-happy [9:11pm]: lol

      Asthmaticape [9:11pm]: dont drive drunk please

      dream-happy [9:11pm]: lol

      dream-happy [9:11pm]: thanks for the advice master

      lucidnina [9:11pm]: yeah i know

      Asthmaticape [9:12pm]: i've gotten into way too much trouble for that

      greywolfpoet [9:12pm] [TO: lucidnina]: how far do you think i can take this before they get

      dream-happy [9:12pm]: lmao!

      lucidnina [9:12pm]: it was really bad

      greywolfpoet [9:13pm]: lol

      dream-happy [9:13pm]: --designated driver--

      Asthmaticape [9:13pm]: easy to say... it

      greywolfpoet [9:13pm]: americans have good whisky ill give them that

      lucidnina [9:14pm]: gwp shut up about the russia thing already

      lucidnina [9:14pm]: haha

      greywolfpoet [9:15pm]: okay nina ill stop talking about my HOME country

      lucidnina [9:15pm]: gwp

      moral : n00bs are fun to mess around with, and some seem like rasicst bastards insulting russia like that

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      i was tired and stressed outand for those two people seemed to really tick me off so i messed with them a little...any way i deleted it no harm no foul

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      GWP, you make me laugh. That's all I have to say.


      "If there was one thing the lucid dreaming ninja writer could not stand, it was used car salesmen."


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