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      Cool Thread of the Month - Nomination Thread

      I propose something fun: a showcase of the best threads DV has to offer each month. I'm talkin' 'bout the Gold Standard, the threads we can all be proud to stand behind and say, "Aww, yeah. This is the shit."

      Some ground rules:

      Anyone can nominate any thread for any reason. To nominate a thread simply post in the thread: "I nominate this for Thread of the Month" or something similar.

      The nomination carries if it is seconded by another user (in the same thread). Either via a 'like' or a new post (if likes are disabled).

      At the end of the month an open poll will be created to select DV's champion.

      Details and Conditions:

      - Only threads created in the current month can be nominated.
      - Only one nomination per person, per month will be accepted.
      - Due to poll limitations, only the first 15 threads to be successfully nominated each month will be included in the poll.
      - If you second a thread, please provide a link to the original nomination.
      - Polling begins at the start of the next month, and will be open for a week.


      It's intrinsically rewarding! Right?

      Okay, I guess I could come up with some cool graphics or whatever...

      To the future:

      If this somehow takes off [sic] we can have a showdown in December/early January to pick the Thread of the Year.
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