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      Senseless Banter - Please Read Before Posting!!

      Senseless Banter Etiquette

      When you make a new topic in Senseless Banter, please make sure that you at least include something to discuss. I think Truthbutter said it best:

      Originally posted by Truthbutter
      It's ok to post senseless stuff, but don't just post when you have nothing funny/remotely interesting to say, but rather try and create threads that can add some humor and friendly discussion amongst the others. Just cause it's called banter, it doesn't mean it has to be crap.
      Also, do not make threads about posts counts. it is completely and utterly pointless.

      Another thing...I've noticed alot of negetivity in this particular section. Could we please lighten up a little guys? If someone makes a thread and you think it's "too senseless" it would be nice if you could encourage them not to make such threads and explain why rather than jump down their throats. With all this tention here lately the LAST thing we need is people flaming someone that makes a thread they think is a little too senseless for Senseless Banter. in short: be nice pls k thanks :D

      Senseless Banter Games

      Let's try games that require more of an involved, thought-out response from users (like perhaps continuing a story a paragraph at a time, etc.) this will ensure posts require more time (thus should decrease frequency) and make it more worthwhile to read.
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