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      Suffering from Middle of Night insomnia first time in my life!

      This days it started. i wake up at some time like 1 or 2 or 3 in morning. then i can't go back to sleep. Thats why i came to dreamviews this second. It's 3:43.
      I easily went to sleep at 10pm but then i woke up.

      To get back to sleep all i had to do before this(current insomnia), is just close my eyes and relax, but i had some like sleepyness drowsiness. These days i dont feel that very much, so that's why
      My brain doesn't seem to deepen the sleep state sleep. i close my eyes and it just stays there.

      my eyes feel like they're awake. i dont know why.

      Do i have to go to a sleep doctor for this problem?

      Right now i looked at a website aboutmiddle of night insomnia.

      It had some possible reasons and one of them was
      "Are you depressed or feel emotionally flat or hopeless?"

      And in my case that's a yes. Although i'm not currently feeling like worried, maybe it's in me behind my subconcious cause soon I have to find a place to live and i'mnear homeless cause my people that i live with will retire and sell the house.

      As far as i know, that's what it could be.That and that i feel like a failure and stuff because i dont have success in life.

      i wonder if thta could be causing my sleep problme
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