I am currently adapting to a Dualcore 1 schedule.

During the night I try to avoid much light when i am awake (02:00am - 04:00am). But I don't have a real setup for night lighting yet, so i am sure i could do a lot better.

1.) I am using Flux on the Computer and sth similar on my smartphone. What are the important settings I should do? Brightness / Contrast / color temperature ?

2. )would it be a worth improvement (according to sleep quality and health) to use a rubbylith sheet on the computer screen instead of flux?

3.) I can't change the light bulbs at home because my family would really not appreciate it. Therefore i want to buy a portable red LED light which could be used everywhere during nighttime. Anyone has a recommodation for a portable lamp?

4.) what are important things i should look after when buying a lamp (color temperature / etc.)?

5.) I read that common light (normal light bulbs) are like a reset button. Is this true? Therefore melatonin production would dramatically decrease if i turn on the light for a few seconds or mins??

6.) My room is quiet bright at night (moonlight) if i dont pull down the shutter. Is it a problem for nighthormone production?

Many, many questions... Thanks a lot for answering them!