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      Hard time to go back to sleep after natural awake

      Hi people,

      I am probably not the first one getting this but since a few day i got awake at 3:00 of morning and literaly can't reach sleep after it (i learn about LD since 2 week) I got 2 time dream recall after this and allow me to begin my dream journal but that make me 3-4 hours not sleeping. During the day, i'm a little more tired than usual but not extremly tired. I usually go to sleep to 23:00 but since i heard about LD i go around 22:00-22:30 and take 45-60 min to sleep. Today i used dietary supplement for get better night but i just feel i sleep more fastly (not sure about that) but i still wake up a 3:00 and can't get back to sleep.

      Sorry if is a commun post but i have to share my experience and need comeback and tips for go back to bed. I hope this insomnia will stop and get a lucid dream soon too.

      Ty for answer

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      ^^ Welcome to Dreamviews, Guindo!

      There may not be much you can do about falling back to sleep in the scenerio you listed, except one thing: be patient, and try not to worry about getting back to sleep; just let nature take its course... trying to get back to sleep on your own rarely works.

      When you have a wake-up, just relax, think about your dreams, and maybe pass the wake-up time by recaling your last dreams or maybe planning your goals for your next dreams. Make sure all your lights are off as well, because light is the enemy of sleep. The bottom line, though, is that your body might need a little extra time to restart the sleep cycle process, so it might be best to find a good use for the "up" time and let your body go back to sleep when it will.

      If that doesn't work for you, you might also want to look into functional sleep aids, like the 61 point meditation, or maybe getting yourself some melatonin or other supplemental sleep aid. Even with those, though, you will still need to patiently wait for sleep to come... and it will!

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      sometimes I wake with insomnia, but there is one night a week when it almost never happens
      so on most nights I try to go to sleep at around 8pm or 10pm and I intentionally set intention to wake up and remember dreams
      also I drink lots of water to ensure I'm likely to wake up. But on all the nights except the one, there is a good chance that I'll wake up for the 2nd or 3rd or 4th time and not be able to get back to sleep

      So what is different about Wednesday Night? on that night the only time I can't get back to sleep is If I wake near my normal wake time of 5am
      tho sometimes I don't bother to go to sleep after the 4am awakening.

      But the difference is that on Wed Night I always go to sleep between 9pm and 11pm and I always set my alarm for 10pm 11pm 12am 1am 2am 3am and 4am and also a final alarm at 5:15am, because this is the night I practice sleep disruption

      On a typical night I wake at 10(if I went to sleep), 11(if I fell asleep) at 11:57-11-59, at approximately 12:35, at 12:57-12:59, at approximately 1:35, at 1:57- 1:59, at approximately 2:30, at 2:57-2:59, at approximately 3:30, at 3:57-3:59.

      It might sound like a pretty terrible nights sleep but here is the deal, I set between 6 and 8 alarm times (every hour) and yet I am able to wake approximately 10-12 times.

      Here is the important point, on a night that I wake 10 times I fall asleep exactly 10 times, on a night I wake 12 times, I fall asleep exactly 12 times. That's right I can't actually wake up unless I fall asleep. So the sleep disruption, the expectation that I will be awoken causes me not only to wake extra, but it also causes me to fall asleep faster. Way faster. And aside from staying up from 3:30 or 4:00am I have pretty much no insomnia on this particular night.

      I will have about the same number of awakenings whether I journal at each awakening (very briefly) or not, and I will almost always remember a dream except for the 11pm wake.

      I do this once a week obviously and I feel it both helps me wake naturally after dreams, and also reduces insomnia in general. (at least for me)
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      This happens to me on my days off work around 3am as well (I'm a regular shift worker - 9pm to 7am). When I do struggle with this, I take prolonged-release melatonin (prescribed here in Australia). I'm not a doctor but it does help me maintain my sleep better.

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      Quote Originally Posted by ESP View Post
      This happens to me on my days off work around 3am as well (I'm a regular shift worker - 9pm to 7am). When I do struggle with this, I take prolonged-release melatonin (prescribed here in Australia). I'm not a doctor but it does help me maintain my sleep better.
      I also wake up at 3am and i dunno why

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