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      day sleep deprivation

      I have stayed up all day today, I will stay sleep deprived intill 11
      oclock. I think I can re-adjust my bad sleeping habit. To increase my
      mathematical skills I will do mulitplication all day, which is hard and
      makes you feel sick. Trancenberg system not the normal memory
      crap you learn in school.

      I don't know if I could handle going another day, I will tell you
      tomorrow. I can say about 100% I will have a lucid dream as I
      always do after sleep deprivation. I looked it up their is no such
      thing as REM rebound when sleep deprived.

      If this effective I might do this everyweek.

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      Yeah I noticed the longer amount of time in which I am awake the higher the chance I have of having a lucid dream. 1 Day of me being awake is pretty much normal for me and so is 2 days after which I usually go to bed of course having a lucid dream.

      When I pass the 2 day mark it seems like I have a lot of WBTB for some reason. Although I have never heard of the Trancenberg System what is that?

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      Quote Originally Posted by wikipedia
      Lack of sleep may result in:
      ignore all the links

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      The reverse lucid

      Because of certain incidents I have been subject to sleep deprivation.
      I do not think it is healthy but I do think it can be an experience that is unique.
      The mind is complicated and you will find that it faulters when deprived of sleep.
      If you consider it an experience of a mind altered state, much can be learned.
      I try to take something out of every experience.
      Sleep deprivation.
      Depending on what stage.
      My belief is that opposite of when we are trying to go to sleep that our conscious mind is in majority control. To the contrary SD limits your conscious minds ability. As a result your subconscious abstract mind ( I am not directly referring to two different minds) Is now trying to gain control to provide sleep. With that you get many of the exploits that the right hemisphere can offer.
      This is almost a reverse Lucid dream. The lucid dream you are asleep to engage the sleeping mind. While experiencing SD you are awake while experiencing sleep like symptoms.

      • 1.Good effects
      That I have experienced.
      a. Later
      phases - euphoria
      b. silliness.
      c. Random abstract thought patterns. Obscure thoughts.
      d. Very vivid HI - even without going to sleep
      e. Care free attitude
      f. Calmness and serenity

      • 2.Bad effects
      Usually experienced in the beginning stages and the after effects.
      a. Lethargic
      b. weakness
      ~Actually - many of the aforementioned effects posted above by Pyrofan1

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      I remember the first time i went to camp, i convinced everyone in my room to stay up all night, it was a first for them. You should have seen them ion the morning, it was hilarious, they decided to play catch and my friend threw the ball the wrong way on accident, and theyd laugh at words like "Puddin". Though i know half of this was just the placebo effect, they were sub conciencly playing along with half of it (more like 1/3).


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