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      Unhappy Hypnopompic hallucinations and other really weird things

      I have been having these horrible episodes on and off for the past few years. I find myself waking up many times throughout the night with a locked up stiff neck and jaw and semi-conciously I bend my neck slightly and open my jaw which causes a very loud audible sharp crack sound (which doesent usually happen during the day) and then once the tension is released I go back to sleep only to wake up 5 - 10 minutes later again and repeat the process. It feels like my brain chemistry is all messed up and its messing around with my joints making it ache and tense and lock up, similar feeling to "restless leg syndrome" but throughout my whole body.

      Following these night time episodes I then have a morning episodes of hypnopompic hallucinations where I have always been given some task with a time limit and every time I do the task I feel physically compelled to turn left and right in bed to complete the task.

      On this particular morning I was given a camera and a time limit to take as many shots and everytime I took a picture I ended up physically throwing myself to a different direction in bed, and then once in that position I was allowed a few minutes of sleep whilst i looked for another picture to take and then once I found it and took another picture I then would physically toss the other way in bed, this went on for a while with me tossing from right to left then back to right and so on untill I finally became tired and frustrated and gained full conciousness. It feels like everytime I turn I get a few minutes of sleep in that position before I become uncomfortable and restless with the position and I find comfort in changing positions but only for a short time and it seems the hallucinations somehow corrospond with that sensation and give me purpose to make the physical change in bed, The whole thing is very tiring though and It feels horrible, I was left with headaches for the rest of the day. What is going on with me ?
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