I know this is old, but I hope I`ll find some help here, if not, then it`ll be a task for the far future.
One of the dreamviewers, Banhurt created a great program, long ago and posted here. It is called dreamjournal. He stopped developing it, but he left open source of it.
I used it, as it is now, unfortunately many times and used password to protect my journal, which consist of many dreams. And here is my question,a favor to ask.
Does anyone has that open source? Cause the link is dead. I would like to try at least recover password, even if it`s futile.
Or maybe someone worked on it and know a way to recover the password. Especially since one of the users(IAmCoder, thank you) posted a code, that looks like it would help, but I`m not advance enough to solve it.