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      trouble wild

      can you please help cause i cant get past the images or i hypnagogia i once had one of a man kick me i felt it saw it and heard it but cant get past that what sould i do iam a litttle insomniac , i also had alot of dilds but they are so unexpected

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      Welcome to DreamViews, Ahmedoy!

      Hypnagogic Imagery (HI) is not something you need to concern yourself with "getting past," I think. HI is, essentially, just some of the noise you might experience on your way to sleep and a successful WILD, and it really is best to just ignore it, to see it as nothing more than a sign post indicating that you are nearly at your dream. If you are able to ignore it, and to not be concerned about someone, say, kicking you, you might find yourself more able to stay calm and focused, enabling you to get past it without a thought.

      I go on a bit more about the noise in one of the sessions of my DVA WILD class; you can check it out here, if you like. Also, I suggest that you look at the WILD class itself, or at least DV's WILD tutorial, if you haven't already... they might help.

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