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      If Im correct, anchors are solid things that you can sense, that you focus on to keep awareness. (is there something wrong with that sentence...)

      Somehow everytime I try to WILD, my anchor fails. I just stop using it. Ive tried breathing, pain, counting, and observing my body. I just dont know what Im doing wrong. I just stop using them and fail.

      Any advice? Or any good anchor ideas?
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      i don't think they necesarrily have to be physical things. someone correct me if i'm wrong (seeing as though i've never wilded succesfully before) but i think you can just like repeat stuff over in your mind. i read a tutorial and it said to just lie there and think "i will lucid dream. i will go from waking to lucidity" or something like that. just whatever, something to keep you aware. but yea i was gunna suggest breathing and counting... lol you might just need to practice heaps more a bro. coz when i first started i would aaaaalways fall asleep, but now i'm getting way better. admitadly i still fall asleep but i'm getting better haha so yea keep practicing. that's the bum thing about learning to wild and dild etc is that it feels like so much time wasted! but you'll get there
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