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    The Akashic Records is like a huge library of knowledge with information from past, present and future lifes. Several people who practice Astral Projection seeks knowledge from the Akashic Records. Advanced Astral Travelers are able to access and consult the Akashic Records. For some people, the Akashic Records will show up like a huge library, for other people it will be a huge book and for some people it might even be like a movie.

    It is said that the first time you access the Akashic Records, your Spirit or Astral Guide will spawn and guide you in how to read the Akashic Records. Viewing information from past, present and future lifes enriches the traveler's current life. Most travelers seek the knowledge and their purpose in this life. This information can be accessed through the Akashic Records.

    This is not officially recognized by the Dreamviews staff, due to its questionable scientific nature, but is a common area of discussion and many people have a fair interest in the topic.

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