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    Astral Projection is the act of leaving ones body and projecting his or her mind onto the astral plane. This is not officially recognized by the Dreamviews staff, due to its questionable scientific nature, but is a common area of discussion and many people have a fair interest in the topic. Astral Projection is a certain type of OOBE.

    Astral Projection is an altered state of consciousness. The traveler transfers his/her consciousness to his/her "mind" or "astral" body, which exists on a different plane of existence called the Astral Plane. Astral Projection is commonly used to find out about oneself through the Akashic Records, Astral Entities and other astral phenomena.

    The Astral Body is attached to the physical body through a silver cord. This cord will ensure that the Astral Body will return to the Psychical Body when the Projection is finalized. The Silver Cord will only be severed at time of death, so the traveler will always return unharmed to his Physical Body.

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