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    Dream Flying Tutorial

    Thank you to all the people who have contributed their ideas to this.

    Anyone Can Fly
    If you're new to LDing, don't think that this is something only uber-special people can do. Anyone can fly. Just have confidence in yourself and if you have any questions feel free to ask. In the words of wasup, flying isn't hard in a dream, but some people have trouble comprehending the idea and being able to do it because they have never done it or anything like it before. Another good thing to remember is that these techniques are designed to help you get the feeling of flying so that way you will eventually get to the point where you won't have to use a set technique. It's just like anything with LDing. Once you've got the feel of it and the will to do it, it becomes no more difficult than walking down the street in real life.

    Note: Don't get discouraged if you're having trouble flying. You may have more control in some LDs than others. Just keep working at it and you will get it!

    If one technique doesn't work for you, just work your way down the line and see if something else does. Another aspect of dream control in general is just being creative. Even if a method you come up with seems silly, try it!
    Disclaimer: Please don't attempt to fly in real life! You will either end up hurting yourself or just looking stupid.
    1. Start with floating
    To float, it often helps to start with your eyes closed. Then either jump into the air or imagine yourself just going up. Open your eyes and if you're off of the ground, try to concentrate on staying there and getting yourself stable and centered. If you have trouble getting in the air, imagine yourself climbing an invisible staircase and go up them.

    2. Moving
    Once you get yourself stabilized, go slowly in simple directions: up, down, forward, and backwards. If you can do those, then you can start combining up or down with forward and then add in turns. If that doesn't work, you can try to use a landmark near yourself and visualize yourself being pulled towards it.

    3. Jump off of a building
    If you can't seem to get off the ground, maybe a little desperation will inspire you. I've done this before and it requires that you know you're in a dream. And once you're sure you're dreaming, you have to know that you will not be harmed. Get up to a high enough place and then simply jump off. Close your eyes if you must and spread your arms. Then as you descend, imagine yourself going up. Imagine you're in a movie or something where they pull up right before hitting the ground. That may work. If you can't find a rooftop, a good cliff or pile of rocks will work just as well. Focus on pulling up.

    4. Modes of assistance
    a. Spiderman - I've had several dreams where I'm Spiderman and I'm swinging among buildings. Try getting comfortable with swinging around and then try going around without the webs/ropes.
    b. Hand-helds - Imagine an object of some sort that you are touching (ie. a ball in your hands, a belt around your waist, a platform beneath your feet, etc.). The, try to move that object around with yourself attatched to it. When you grow comfortable with that, then try using a smaller object, and then a smaller, until you no longer use one and are able to move yourself around. This would also work with a broomstick.
    c. Dream Guide or DC - Try summoning your dream guide or another DC (dream character) and have them fly you around or tell you how.
    d. Wings - Either put on or grow a pair of wings. Now have fun!

    Zooming Method:
    Focus on an object that's some distance away, like a tree or a house. Then, imagine it pulling you towards it, like a magnet. You should end up going pretty fast. You can then work your way up to things like the moon.

    Have a DC Throw you in the air:
    Self-explanatory, really. Ask them politely, I guess.

    Crouch a little bit, and tense every muscle in your body. Then, jump up as high as possible, like a spring.

    Suck Method:
    Hold a Vacuum Cleaner Nozzle Turned On and Point it away from you while in the air.

    Jump off of a building:
    Fairly straight-forward. Find a building and jump off of it. If you can't find a rooftop, a good cliff or pile of rocks will work just as well. Focus on pulling up.

    In one of my dreams I found myself in a pool. It turned out to be magical and when I stepped out I could fly. So, try taking a swim in a magic pool and then start to soar Or a magic feather could work just as well.

    The Douglas Adams Approach:
    "Aim to throw yourself on the ground and miss."
    Before you hit the ground, get distracted so that you miss. You should find yourself hovering above the ground and so just take off from there. If you've seen the Animatrix, think of it like the scene in Beyond.

    Breeze Method:
    Just conjure up a nice breeze for yourself and go along for the ride.

    Staircase Method:
    Imagine yourself ascending a flight of stairs that are just going up. These stairs don't have to be visible and it might be better if they're not. This is good for getting you above the ground and eventually you should be able to go without the stairs and move yourself around.

    Jet Pack
    Enough said.

    Reverse Gravity
    You can flick a switch or yell out "GRAVITY OFF" or something similar to turn off the gravity and float in the air! If you want to come back down, just flick the switch again or press a button that turns it back on.

    Just raise your arms into the air and WOOSH! If it helps (or makes it more fun), believe that you are a superhero who can fly!

    There are a few less tips on landing. For the most part, just take it slow and if you can, when you're first working on this just try floating down gently. You can also try diving into water (a pool, a lake, the ocean, etc.) or have something catch you (a trampoline, a DC).

    And here are a few tips from our illustrious Seeker:

    1. Do NOT try to focus your Chi into an energy ball while flying! A crash usually results.

    2. Flying too high removes points of reference and usually ends up in a loss of lucidity.

    3. Sometimes running with a long, loping stride can help you become airborne. Also running down steps, you can often float down a whole flight of them.

    4. Using the attraction method on moving objects like airplanes can be interesting. It is kind of like being attached by a rubberband!

    5. Frustration will kill your ability to fly quicker than anything. I can remember getting a few feet off the ground and then getting frustrated because I could not go higher. That grounded me quickly.

    6. Spinning while flying usually does not help increase lucidity.

    7. Flapping your arms doesn't help (for me anyway), but swimming does (breast stroke seems to work best)

    8. It is difficult, but you can share your energy with someone(dream construct) in a dream and help them to fly.

    9. When in doubt about what to do next, just kind of hover DragonBall Z style and look around.

    10. Do not automatically assume that you will be able to fly through things like walls of ceilings. Sometimes you bounce and it can be quite embarrassing

    11. Desire and belief are the key ingredients. You must believe that you can fly and you must desire it enough to work at it.

    12. Some people pick up flying easily, for others they have to work at it.

    To read everything from this particular post, go to: http://www.dreamviews.com/f14/want-h...tutorial-5491/

    Updated 4-12-2007: Feel free to PM me with additions to this tutorial.

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