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    Used mostly in the context of lucid dreaming, Dream Control refers to the ability of the dreamer to exert his/her will towards the dream, changing characteristics of the scenario and specific elements. Dream Control can be expressed in many different ways, though the amount of control ultimately relies on the dreamer's expectations.

    From the Dream Control Tutorial:
    Dream control refers to the act of manipulating the dream in its most varied aspects. From creating objects, to experiencing flight, summoning creatures or even teleporting to the top of the Empire State building, the options are limitless. Dream control can dictate your lucid dreaming experiences, thus being a tool that every lucid dreamer uses and hones.
    If, for example, the intention is to fly, such result can be achieved by simply jumping and expecting to stay in the air. Flying could also be achieved by expecting wings to show up on the dreamer's back, or even that a small cloud appears to carry the dreamer through the skies. Other elements of "control" can be achieved in the same manner.

    Simplest form: The desire of the dreamer influences the content and creates the ability to control the dream.

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