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    Dream Recall

    Recall is one of the most important aspects of lucid dreaming. Even if you have a great lucid dream, what's the point if you can't remember it? That's why it is recommended that dream recall be a top priority for those new to lucid dreaming.

    Dream Journaling.

    As with anything mental, the more you use something, the more neuro-connections your brain makes to it. So by focusing on remembering your dreams and practicing this, you will increase your dream recall. This works with regular memory too, the more you use it, the better it gets.

    When journaling, try to not only write down themes and plots, but smaller details too. The more details you can recall each time, the better your recall will become.
    Middle of the Night
    If you wake up in the middle of the night for any reason, it is recommended that you jot down a few words on paper before going back to sleep. Even though when you wake up, you may have no memory of your past dreams, seeing a few notes will bring those memories forwards and allow you to write them out in greater detail.

    Many dreams have similar themes, objects, or people. We can use this to aid in recall of dreams. Go through your dream journal and find anything that repeats. Write a list of all of them out. Now there is a decent chance that dreams that you may forget will have these recurring elements in them.

    If you wake up and cannot remember a dream, go to your list. Ask yourself, "Did my dream involve this element?" If your dream did include that element it should trigger your memory and allow you to remember the dream. This works along the same principle of writing a few words about a dream in the middle of the night to trigger a memory.

    Lying in Bed.

    As soon as you wake up it is a good idea to lie in bed as still as possible with your eyes closed. Think about your last dream. If you can't remember it, just lay there. Your mind will think that you want to go back to sleep so it will turn on the parts of the brain that creates and remembers dreams. This allows you access to your last dream memory.

    Memory Reinforcement.

    When you wake up and remember a dream (or bring it back by laying still) you want to try and play it back through, remembering every detail. This is because your dream memory is designed to be extremely short term and you have to reinforce the memory in order to keep hold of it. By running through your dream once, you should have greater memory when you roll over and write it down because it is now stored in your regular short term memory, not your dream memory.

    Remember, moving the body (such as to write something down) tends to chase away dream recall.

    Vivid dreams are dreams that are easier to recall. There are many chemicals that cause you to have more vivid dreams. B6 is the most commonly taken one, but others do too.

    Longer REM cycles also help create more vivid dreams so any chemical that acts as a REM suppressant (such as a sleeping pill) can produce vivid and easier to remember dreams. It is suggested that you use sleeping pills that are melatonin based because they are more natural.


    Stress kills dream recall. If you have had a stressful day and want to remember your dream the next morning then it is recommended to find a way to relieve that stress. This could be anything from working out, to playing video games, to meditating. Whatever you find relieves stress the best.

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