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    A reality check is a physical or mental action a lucid dreamer uses to test reality. When a reality check fails you are most likely dreaming. Reality checks can fail in waking life. Because of this performing a second reality check after a failure is recommended.

    Reality checks are most often associated with the Dream Induced Lucid Dream (DILD) technique. Although reality checks are practical to use when attempting other lucid dreaming techniques.

    Common Reality Checks:

    The Nose Pinch: In this reality check the dreamer pinches their nose and attempts to inhale or exhale through the now closed passageway. If they can breathe they are dreaming.

    When To Reality Check:

    A reality check should be used in various situations. Once reality checks become a habit practitioners will start to reality check in their dreams and become lucid.

    Any time that something strange happens in your waking life is an appropriate time to reality check. Anything out of the ordinary is appropriate. For example an ambulance speeding past is the perfect time to check reality.

    When ever you see a dream sign.

    Times when you randomly think about checking. Some times the thought of reality checking comes into our brains. This is another ideal time to check if you're dreaming.

    Making Reality Checks A Habit:

    Getting into the habit of reality checking can be the hardest thing for a new lucid dreamer to attain. There are several ways to make reality checking into a habit.

    One method is to use an alarm that sounds periodically. Whenever the alarm sounds a reality check is preformed.

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