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    Subliminal Messages

    Subliminal Messages are messages/hints that only your subconscious mind notices. They are usually very subtle and are often used by advertisers to make you buy there product.

    They can be in the form of an audio recording you don't notice consciously, a quick flash or text you don't notice, a hidden image, etc.

    So say for example, there is a cell phone commercial. The cell phone company decided to put a audio recording saying "Buy [cell phone name]" in the background very softly. Then the next time you want to buy a cell phone, you may think of that specific phone just because of that subliminal message your subconscious picked up.

    All of that may sound very weird, but there have been many studies providing successful results involving subliminal messages.

    Two Main Types of Subliminal Messaging

    Non Encrypted- Non Encrypted subliminal messages are messages that arent coded in any way. For example the cell phone commercial I talked about before. They used a non encrypted message in their advertisement. It wasn't altered in any way, they just put the audio very softly in the background.

    Encrypted- Encrypted messages are altered in a different way. If the cell phone company used an encrypted subliminal message they would have put the audio recording backwards, for example.

    What Does That Have to do With Lucid Dreaming?

    Well, you can find different programs and audio recordings that use subliminal messages to tell you to become lucid in the dream. Plenty Dreamviews members have made or found different programs and recordings that you can use to help you become lucid. Many of these programs have been tested and some of the users have had successful results.

    Program and Audio List

    • Desktop Therapist Desktop Therapist is a great free program that allows you to put in your own subliminal messages. You can put text/audio/etc to pop up in the background of your computer that you won't even notice.

    • Subliminal Audio made by Dreamviews Members. This thread is filled with some good links to subliminal audio recording that have had successful results.

    Now, subliminal messages don't work for every person. They work differently depending on the person trying them. Of course, you will never know how good they will work for you if you don't try them out! Good luck!


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