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    ineverwakeup97's Ways To Have Super Control

    This is my tutorial on how to have great dream control. Now, a lot of people like to "Believe" or "Expect" to control dreams, summon, teleport, etc. A lot of people like to use the closed eye method. Don't use it is my advice. It's true that closing your eyes in a dream is dream suicide. It's been known to easily awake people. Also, screw clarity. The spinning method is used for clarity and teleporting. Once again, since it uses eye closing, bad idea. If you want clarity, I suggest you use the hand rubbing method. After awhile, you won't need to use any methods to gain clarity. When you are a good lucid dreamer, your LDs are full of clarity 95% of the time. That's how's it's been for me. Now I will explain good ways to use power.

    To summon, you will need to know how to master various methods proven to work well. When lucid dreaming, you CANNOT be expectant. You need to have belief in you to do these things. You also must you the amazing power of intent. A friend who's name I can't remember unfortunately introduced me to this. The definition of intent is to "Plan" or "Plot." In other words, when you are using intent in dreams, you must know that you plotted out or planned something to happen. That's how intent works. Now that you know about intent, I'll explain how to use it with various methods.

    Door Method:
    This method is a commonly used method. To use this method, plan(intent!) that whatever you're summoning is on the other side of that door. When you open it, it'll be there. Easy.

    Corner Method:
    This method is another common method here at DV. This method is simple too. When you're at a corner, walk around it planning(intent!) that whatever you're summoning is there. Then boom! Done.

    Hidden Area Method:
    Now I don't know the name to this method, but this method is also very easy and common. Simply, you reach somewhere that you can't see(pocket, behind a couch, etc.). Then use intent(planning) that whatever you're summoning will be there.

    Turn Around Method:
    This method is a little less common, but it's my favorite. And yet again, it's easy. So, what you do is you plan(intent!) what will be behind you. You turn around, and tada!

    That wraps up the easiest and best ways to summon.

    With flying, jumping, and syncing you'll use more belief rather than intent.

    Flying is fairly easy to do. Get in a squat-like stance. Then, believe you can fly. Finally, with all the belief in you, think "Fly, fly, fly" then take a leap into the air. You're flying! Don't stop believing(like the song) while your flying so you can stay up in the air, and even go faster and higher!

    Every ding-dong knows how to jump. But it's time to jump to the next level. Follow the same steps as in the flying tutorial. Squat, believe, jump! Only this time, think "Jump, jump, jump!" Super jump success!

    I don't know the exact name for this, but I like to call it syncing. Syncing, is going through anything like your a ghost. You literally just "sync" through anything. It's easy. Start off by hovering. To hover, just fly up, then descend to the point of hovering. Then, as usual, believe. Just believe. Then, hover through the door, literally!

    Well that covers that.

    To teleport, the best way to do it is the turn around method. Just saying that answers how to do it.

    Finally, I'll cover shapeshifting and other appearance changes.

    This is a bit more advanced to do. But there's an easy and hard way.

    Easy Way:
    The turn around method(Said and done).

    Hard Way:
    Pull back your arms and legs and look upwards a bit until you can't see yourself at all. Then imagine yourself how you want to. Tada!

    Now, it's time to cover something that can be very hard to do.

    This is VERY hard to do. This is dream control where you see what your doing. It's a bit hard to explain. What you do, is when you're summoning or whatever, did you ever notice you don't see it happen? Well, this is advanced lucid dreaming where you CAN see it happen. There's no way to explain how to do it, but I'd have to say use intent and nothing else, and watch whatever you're doing happen. You need to master this if you want to do things like shoot beams from your hands or something.

    Well, that covera all my knowledge on dream control. Enjoy practicing your powers!

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