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    VILD - Visually Incubated Lucid Dream

    VILD Tutorial

    This tutorial will teach you about VILD, an induction method devolped by Pedro, from another site.

    What does VILD stand for?
    VILD stands for Visually Incubated Lucid Dream.

    What is it?
    VILD is a method developed by Pedro from another site, and this tutorial has been adapted a bit to shorten and simplify his method. VILD involves incubating a dream which incorporates a reality check in your incubated dream. Its simple, yet ingenious.

    How To Do It
    1) Before you can do anything with this technique, you need to prepare yourself for your incubated dream right now. There are two basic guidelines for your dream incubation:

    * It needs to be simple and easily visualized.
    * It needs to incorporate a reality check (RC)

    For example, Pedro imagines himself in a room which is completely empty except for a door.. He manifests two of his best friends in his mind, and visualizes them being very excited.

    They will say "Did you know this a reality check competition? Do a reality check now!", and of course Pedro will visualize himself reality checking, and realizing he is dreaming.

    You then imagine yourself walking out the only door and repeat your visualization.

    My personal incubated dream:
    I imagine my self sitting on a chair, in the same room that Pedro utilizes. I imagine there are the two words, "Reality Check", written all over the room, on the walls, the door, and even me. I then imagine myself doing a reality check and becoming lucid - nearly the same procedure.

    2) Now that you have your incubated dream, you should probably perform a "wake back to bed" (WBTB) method to your liking:

    A. Once you have awaken, lie down in the most comfortable position possible.
    B. Gently imagine yourself in your dream you designed. Try to visualize it the best you possibly can. Make sure the dream is consistent, (ie: don't change the dream in the middle of it).
    C. After a while of doing this, you should do your reality check and actually realize it is in fact, a dream.
    D. Enjoy!

    With this technique, I have a pretty high chance of becoming lucid, and Pedro says he has a 100% chance of becoming lucid.

    Voila! You now know VILD.

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