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    How to Fail a WILD

    From all the information I have read in the past about WILDs, I've been told countless amounts of times about "How to do it". I've taken a different approach in this tutorial, rather than telling you how to do it, I'm going to tell you how not to do it as I feel it would be more beneficial. Well, here we go:

    Barrier No.1: Not being relaxed/Being stressed.
    If you've had a hard days work or just have something on your mind, nagging at you, then its probably a good idea to try solve the problem, or if not possible, try spend more time in the relaxation stage before attempting a WILD. Reason is: your not going to be able to get a good or constant level of concentration, which, of course, is needed to enter the later stages of a WILD.

    Barrier No.2: Talking to yourself(Inner dialog).
    Again this falls under the category of concentrating; the mind needs to be almost blank to enter the deep stages. To achieve this, use techniques like concentrating on your breathing or an object in your head. You'll find that concentrating on one thing for a period of time is actually much harder than it sounds. Having said you should concentrate, try not to over-concentrate(ie. Putting all your efforts and mindpower into the task) as this can prohibit you from falling asleep. From all the resources on WILDs I have read on the internet, not one has ever specifically mentioned this, resulting in me staying awake for up to 60-80 minutes before without any end product(Well done me). Do try concentrate but also try to relax on the effort if that makes sense.

    Barrier No.3: Fear.
    Fear is probably the most common cause of a failed WILD attempt. Even though you've probably heard people telling newer members that there's no reason to be afraid, they too were probably afraid at first. I was startled and afraid the first time too. It's a new experience and you have to get used to it. But trust me, if you can shake away that fear(which will shake itself away anyway after a few times anyway) it should be a fun ride through the vibrations. Theres absoloutely nothing solid behind the fear, its just a fear of the unknown.

    Barrier No.4: Using a technique that doesn't suit you.
    When I was starting WILDs I made the mistake of using techniques that weren't suited towards me. For example I tried to use a technique involving focusing on hypnagogic imagery when I could rarely ever see hypnagogic imagery. I used to also try intense visualisation methods, though I'm not very good at it. I know it's harder than it sounds, but try to find a technique that suits you.

    Barrier No.5: Having a distracting environment.
    I don't remember how many times I've been trying to WILD when my little brother or sister run into my room and start pounding me silly(I know they love me) or when a football suddenly bangs off my window and jolts me awake. Try to choose a time where you wont be disturbed during your attempt, and maybe don't attempt if there is a good chance you will be distracted or woken as it may just frustrate you. Also as a sub-note, make sure your not hungry, thirsty or need to go to the toilet before you attempt.

    Hope this has been beneficial to you, and good luck with your WILD attempts - Allinyourhead

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